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How to get a diagnosis, upcoming virtual GIG event to celebrate National Celiac Awareness Day.

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Hi everyone,

I only got a reminder of this last night as we are in different time zones as I thought it was today! So I'm sorry folks but better late than never.

This is used with courtesy from GIG:

Did you know September 13th is National Celiac Awareness Day? The date commemorates the birth date of Dr. Samuel Gee who wrote the paper, On the Coeliac Affection in 1888, the first published description of celiac disease.

Here's an extract with the time (Pacific time zone and Eastern time zone) again courtesy of GIG:

That’s what we’ll be discussing – in detail – on Tuesday, October 19 at 5:00 pm PT/8:00 pm ET with three experts who will explain what happens once you start looking into the possibility of a diagnosis.

GIG are organising lots of exciting events and resources for the coeliac community and I applaud this. So here's a link to their virtual event on the 19th of October and it will especially be of interest to our American friends and fellow celiac/coeliac sufferers regardless of how we spell coeliac!

Please see:

I'm very impressed the GIG's gluten certification scheme and think that it must be very reassuring to gluten free diners:

The awareness image is a free to use resource made available by GIG.

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Thanks Jerry,

I’m in the UK and from your posts I believe but may be wrong that you are too. I’ve just done a quick google convert is 5 pm Pacific time 1 a.m. British Summer Time - I’d love to be in on it but I’m out for the count at 10 p.m.

Best wishes

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Jerry in reply to Narwhal10

Hi Narwhal10 I do indeed live in the U.K.

I'm a member of GIG and am more than happy to share what they are doing as they aren’t just US based as we have International markets and common interests and goals regardless of where we live or how we spell coeliac/celiac.

Jerry 😊

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