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New to the group ....hi everyone


Hi I'm New to this group. My question is, has anyone with an under active thyroid found being on a gluten free diet has helped their symptoms, ie constant tiredness and over production if mucus. Thank you.

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Hi! I’m new to forum as well. Can’t really answer you but wanted to say hi. According to work by Alessio Fasano (Coeliac specialist researcher) gluten free diet does help some people with hypothyroid hashimotos. They’re linked conditions.X

Thank you 😊 x


It was almost life changing for me.

I feel less lethargy, and my anxiety has decreased substantially.

It can be hard while you get in the swing of it, but it's well worth perservering. You have to be strict though; no sharing toasters, butter, jam, dips etc

Recommended to try strict for 6 months. If you feel no different, reintroduce it and see if your symptoms get worse.

Itsallshit21 in reply to Hidden

Thank you 😊

If I'd known then what I know now I would have taken OforOnwards advice. If it doesn't work for you and you then stay on gluten, I would recommend you get re-tested every couple of years. I was tested clear for Coeliac at Hashi's diagnosis - 13 years later I am Coeliac.

Thank you 😊

Around 75-80% with thyroid disease find their symptoms improve with a gluten free diet, but the only way to find out is to give it a try. Follow a gluten free diet for a month to see how you feel :)

I would get tested for coeliac disease before you remove gluten though. 1% of the population has coeliac disease, but 5% with hypothyroidism also have coeliac disease, so you are at greater risk.

I personally didn't feel my symptoms improved from being gluten free, but I did find out I was gluten intolerant.

Thank you for your response. I think that's what the problem could be, gluten intolerant. I'm not getting awful stomach pains or anything like that, but now and again I do have like IBS symptoms. My diet is terrible, so by reducing my bread and cereal intake can only be a good thing.

I do think you should be tested for coeliac disease before removing gluten. My partner only had occasional IBS symptoms, before he was diagnosed with coeliac disease a few years ago. If you remove gluten, it can become impossible to bring it back into your diet later if you do want to be tested.If you're diagnosed coeliac it gets you a lot of additional support, like bone density scans, access to a dietician and in skme areas, gluten free food on prescription.

Tomo22 in reply to Cooper27

I agree with everything you have said here. However, as a coeliac I have to say I’ve had no change in lethargy/catarrh symptoms etc since going gluten free. I had no real stomach problems prior to going gf, but I do have them if I ever get “glutenned” since stopping the. I think get tested then try the gf diet.

Cooper27 in reply to Tomo22

Quite a few coeliac's suffer lactose intolerance too, which coukld be behind the catarrh.

Were you vit D, B12, ferritin and folate levels tested when you were diagnosed? Deficiencies could be behind your lethargy, and it might help you to take some supplements to deal with the main ones.

Mise in reply to Itsallshit21

Hi, digestive symptoms are only one aspect of coeliac, and some people with coeliac will have no digestive symptoms at all. As Cooper27 states, best to keep gluten in your diet until you get tested for coeliac (or test won't work properly), and then look at removing it.

Thank you everyone for taking the time out to reply to my query. I'm going to make an appointment with my GP to have my levels checked for my thyroid and then hopefully have an in depth discussion with them. I'm going to push for vitamin levels to be checked too!!!! Wish me luck !!!!! Have a good day everyone and let's hope all our lives will be somewhat normal very soon 😊

All I can say is try it and see like I did..

3rd December 2020This test was private via Thriva....

Range for T4. 15.1(12 - 22)

Range for T3. 4.2 (3.1- 6.8)

TSH 0.62(0.27-4.2)🤔

Thyroglobulin antibodies >4000 (0-115)

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 293.3 (0-34)

Total thyroxine (T4) 99.00 (59-154)

This test was through doctors...

29th December 2020 results after being on gluten and lactose free diet 5/6weeks

Serum free T4 17.1 (10-18.7)

Range for T3. 5.6 (3.5 - 6.5)

TSH 0.18(0.38-5.5)🤔

My absorbation and conversion increased quite dramatically during this gluten free period.... although what you don't see on here is that I'm also taking iron tablets for very poor ferritin(iron stores extremely low) this also affects conversion. Low iron could also be down to low absorbation of nutrients down to low stomach acid which is also hindered by gluten. My next test is 11 Feb for both so we will see if I've carried on improving with gluten free diet. The real test for me will be when they take the iron off me if I still absorb the levo and iron off gluten under my own steam so to speak.

It's not easy... It is expensive and at times I must admit i have wondered whether its worth it as I still feel rubbish even though my conversion is better. Untill my ferritin is higher it could just be this causing problems not my thyroid so I have to continue to rule it out or I will always be wondering. Symptoms are so similar for both!

Hi, thats what I'm like too, constantly tired, could sleep for England, yet some nights I can go to bed at 10 and not wake up until 7 the next morning, yet I still want to be in bed another 7 hours!!!

I don't understand all these ratios for the T levels, so I'm going to have to look it up, any ideas where to start please?

Hi Italshit21

Just re-read your post. When I don't get enough sleep a few days in a row my nose runs - not mucus though - more like tears, but that's how my body reacts every time I get a cold too - I stream clear liquid out of my eyes and nose for a few days. For me, it is definitely lack of sleep. If its mucous, maybe you should mention to your GP - can't do any harm.

I have had any changes with my under active thyroid since I started my gluten free diet 5 years ago.

I have Hashimotos and am Celiac. I have been gluten free for 10 years and grain free for 4 years. My health is much better remaining grain free.

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