Why can't those responding to a post stick to the post?

I put this question on here "Has anyone.....?

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"Has any diagnosed Coeliac been diagnosed with 1.. Sinus Tachycardia 2..Atrial Premature Complex (es).

Having looked at Sinus Tachycardia this seems to fit my coeliac disease as a 6 year old re exercise, stress."

Isn't it funny how this is converted to studies and then CD & DH, which has nothing to do with the question nor does a potato famine in Ireland.

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  • Maybe it's because nobody had a direct answer to the OP but thought their responses might be of interest to others on the forum. Which they were.

    Or maybe it's because you don't own the internet.

  • Thank you Dartmoor Guerrilla but I would have thought as you suggest that nobody had a direct answer, as one did, I see no reason to change the topic of the original post or is it that others cannot post their own questions or posts? I would be condemned if I changed the topic on questions/posts made by others.Your comment "Or maybe it's because you don't own the internet." was totally uncalled for and unnecessary.

  • Pretender,

    Lighten up!

    If memory serves me correctly, both you and I did the same to tetloww little more than a week ago. He/she didn't complain like you have here. Relevance is in the eye of the beholder. If you decide to ask obscure questions, then you must be prepared for some disappointments.

  • I have looked back over previous communication with tetloww and if you are referring to :"Don't know what i did wrong last night " which took place 10 days ago that was regarding reactions. If this is not what you refer please substantiate what you are refer to. My response was kept to that of the Original Post, it did not change the OP or add anything not relating to the OP.

    Lighten up? I ask a simple question that relates to a heart condition and as a coeliac I asked if any others have this diagnosis. "Relevance is in the eye of the beholder" So what is the relevance of DH or the Irish Potato Famine got to do with a heart condition that might be relevant to CD? As there was a positive response to my question which shows that it is not an obscure question as Coeliac's have a higher prevalence to heart issues than the general population had you read the positive response.

  • The post on the study about numbers of people diagnosed was a response to the thread, rather than the original question. If it's not relevant, why not just ignore it.

  • Pretender - you may well find that people do ignore you after this posting - I really do wonder if you have any idea how bolshy and rude you sound in this post. People responding to posts are usually trying to help - you in this case. Or is it that your conversations always stick to the point and never go off at a tangent as normal conversations do? How very uninteresting and boring!

    I agree with you Dartmoor Guerilla. It is your post, Pretender, that was uncalled for and unnecessary.

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