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Are there any a-symtomatic coeliacs on this forum who do not follow a strict gf diet?


I’m A-symptomatic and do not follow a strict gf diet due to my consultants advice (after my diagnosis 8 years ago). I’m not low on any vitamins or minerals - I have annual blood work to make sure I’m ok. But I’m starting to worry about gut damage that can’t be seen or tested for.

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Not asymptomatic, but wondering why would a consultant tell you not to bother following a gluten-free diet once diagnosed? Did you have a biopsy that showed villi damage?

Flay in reply to Benjamin123

Yes, there is partial damage to my villi. But, my consultant advised there was no definitive proof/medical studies that proved gluten would cause adverse effects later in life for patients who are asymptomatic. I’ve read medical papers which confirms this. My daughter is also a coeliac and she is strictly gluten free (due to symptoms) and we keep her safe by not having gluten at home due to the cross contamination risk.

Benjamin123 in reply to Flay

Ok, not an area I'm familiar with. What makes you worry now about the GI damage? Are you experiencing health issues?

I didn’t have any noticeable symptoms but feel now that I was coeliac for many years before I was diagnosed. I was eventually diagnosed because my ferritin levels (blood stores) we’re getting low. I was given iron supplements to remedy this on and off for years. I had no other symptoms.

My bones have suffered as a result and I now have osteoporosis.

Since going on a gluten free diet I now have a lot more energy than I had before.

It’s the invisible damage I would worry about if I were you.

Well that’s very strange advice from a consultant. Even if you are A-symptomatic, the damage is still being done to your gut if you continue to eat gluten! Eventually this can cause complications including getting cancer, or developing another auto immune disease. I’m really shocked at your consultant’s response, and if you definitely have coeliac disease you need to stop eating gluten straight away.

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