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Does a GF diet affect menstruation?


Hi everyone

I went gf in Dec and all my symptoms have improved (clumsiness, brain fog, bloating, motor skills) but since January my once regular cycle has changed.

Without going into too much details I'm now off a week on two weeks! I was going to go to the doctor about it but I thought I'd give it a few months to settle down. It hasn't but obviously no chance of seeing a doctor about it for a while.

Thyroid and bloods all ok back in February.

Has anyone else experienced this? I've read that many peoples cycles got easier on gf diet after coeliac diagnosis but mine are definitely worse!


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Hey poor you and it depends what GF foods you are eating, after diagnosis when I was diagnosed because of severe anaemia I ate a naturally gluten free diet with no processed foods and it was hard but within 10 weeks it was a cold frosty morning and I had this wonderful sense of well being.

I have issues with palm oil and my body doesn't like too much fat or dairy, lactate the enzyme that breaks gluten down is produced at the tips of our villi so if our villi is damaged and not recovered lactose intolerance and or temporary lactose intolerance is common in coeliac.

So good luck.


Stick to topic your profile states that you are male how can you possibly have personal experience of the menstrual cycle??

Your response is not on topic as the post directly refers to that. 😕

Hi Sparkstar2,

The main thing to remember is we all different - our genetics, chemistry and history are individual.

My own experience was I thought I was going through early menopause at the end of last year and beginning of this year. I had been without periods for decades - injection pill and implant as I become pretty unwell at lady time but I was bleeding every 8 days, 3 days, law unto itself.

So, I went on the a progesterone only pill (POP) as well as implant. It did nothing. I bought a lactase enzyme as all except one POP contains lactose. I’d stopped taking it the day a GP at my surgery said you have tested positive for tissue transglutaminase.

I’m off gluten as with the current climate I doubt my 6 week challenge and endoscopy will be for some time. My periods have settled, I can tolerate lactose again. I do take collagen and did make my own bone broth.

I have got other symptoms to keep me busy which indicate hypothyroidism but that’s not really relevant here. Hope this helps. 😃

I would think.GF diet would not have this effect. I would suggest GP appointment for hormone test and chat. If you are on pill/similar, or also under a lot of stress, could be hormones. Alcohol also not good for hormone balance. In a roundabout way could be linked wiyh vitamin deficiency, but again you will need blood test for that.

A gluten free diet really shouldn't be causing changes to your menstrual cycle. I would say the amount you are menstruating also sounds to be quite abnormal, and is worth bothering your doctor about. Most GPs are happy to hold a phone consultation if you want to avoid visiting the surgery, but they may wish to bring you in for blood tests/swabs to check hormone levels.

Have there been any other changes aside from diet? Have you been unusually stressed?

I've been stressed in recent weeks with my job getting things prepared for coronavirus etc but periods were already strange before that began. Alcohol wise I probably drink half a bottle of wine on a weekend so nothing major.

I haven't been on the pill for years and am almost 43. Beginning of pre-menopause?

HI Sparkstar2

It may be a pre-menopausal symptom and perhaps an early sign of the changes to come.

I think it is highly unlikely to be related to the gluten-free diet alone.

I believe that there is also a correlation between anaemia and period issues. It might be worth a phone conversation with your GP/MD.

Good luck!

Untreated coeliac would. A gluten free diet would not. Please contact your doctor.

Thank you everyone for your comments. I had a telephone consultation with my gp today who prescribed Tranexamic acid to stop heavy bleeding. I need to go back after a couple of months if things don't resolve.

Mise in reply to Sparkstar2

Did they not suggest tests to figure out why such heavy/frequent bleeding? I appreciate we are in lockdown so not sure if that underpinned their advice.

A gluten free diet will not be causing changes to your menstrual cycle its simply hormones.

Get a blood test for menopausal possibilities. Speak to your GP, as women we have constant crosses to bare throughout our lives and our bodies are led by our hormones.

Mise in reply to Frenchbulldogsx

May not just be hormones though. Other physical conditions can cause infrequent and/or heavy bleeding like fibroids (which are harmless and can be treated with hormone treatement, etc), ovarian cysts, etc. 42 is still young for any major 'change' impact.

Have a look at your Thyroid results, if your TSH is over 2.5 you have a problem but they wont tell you until its over 5 x

My last bloods were in December and they were: Serum TSH level 0.81 miu/L [0.2 - 4.0]

The doctor said if things don't improve in a couple of months then call back and they'll start looking at investigations. I'm sure if it wasn't for covid they'd have had me in for bloods etc. Doctor also thought I was too young for early menopause.

So I just need to wait it out for a bit longer!

Thanks for the replies everyone.

I’ve experienced problems with my cycle for many years, before and after going on a gf diet. About four years ago I opted for the coil to reduce bleeding. Has it worked? Yes, partly but now it’s more frequent, absolutely irregular in time, and other “side effects”. I’ve had all kinds of gynaecologist exams but “everything is fine” although it is not. I’ve given up talking to doctors about this problem. Also my sister is coeliac and she also has heavy periods.

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