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coeliac disease


Hi all, just wanting to get information on coeliac disease... a few weeks ago I had a really sharp pain in the left side of my stomach, it lasted about a day or 2. After this point, I feel sick every day and have slight dizziness. I have also been extremely tired, and have bouts of diarrhea fairly regularly. I also get bloating down the left side even if I haven't eaten a lot. Always feels like I have trapped wind in my stomach too. My gut is also always rumbling away, this never stops either. I've just had blood tests today, and have to do stool samples, just wondering if anyone could help, im only 20 so I'm fairly worried. I also had a burger king today and since then ive felt really sick, and this must set me off on a panic attack...

Cheers, Johnny.

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I think you've done the right thing to go to your doctor to arrange a test, so I hope it will give you answers :)

Probably a good place to start out is the Coeliac UK website, they are a charity based in the UK who will have a lot of beginners guides to the disease. If you test positive, you should continue to eat gluten until you receive a gut biopsy (if your doctor tells you to cut out gluten before the biopsy, then ignore them - they don't know what they're talking about). You would then be referred to a dietician to help you get your head around the dietary changes.

I'm just nervous about the doctors... I've been multiple times for a similar problem and they just gave me a tablet called omoprazole to stop the stomach aches. I take other tablets too so this obviously helps with that. Don't suppose you know if this disease could come on suddenly?

It can come on at any life stage, usually triggered by something like a virus or a period of extreme stress. Most people do have it for years before diagnosis though.

I've taken omeprazole before - it's to neutralise stomach acid. Personally I found omeprazole helped the crippling stomach cramps but then it also created a very different range of stomach related symptoms. The problem is that most of us already suffer from low stomach acid, which is made worse by the omeprazole.

Once I finished OmeprazoleI picked up some digestive bitters from a health food shop, which I swear made my stomach feel amazingly calm - I suggest it to anyone. I bought yarrow root tincture, but I think you could also use angostura bitters (sold in the alcohol section of the supermarket). Can't guarantee it'd fix your issues, but it's one of those things I think there's no harm trying.

Thanks for you're help!

Its a really strange feeling, all the way up my left side, from stomach aches to feeling sick. Its fair to say 2020 hasn't been the best for me either so maybe that could be the reason. I'll definitely have to give them a try!

We all have slightly different symptoms, but yours, especially the tiredness and regular diarrhoea, sound as though this could be coeliac disease to me. Do you know that your doctor has included coeliac disease in the blood tests specified? If not, when you get the results from this test make sure you ask specifically for it. It is not always something they think of!


My symptoms were that bad I had to call 111 not too long ago and they said it could be down to ibs or coeliac disease. I then spoke with my local GP about it and he just told me to do bloods and stool samples. I just wonder if all of my long term stomach problems/ anxiety/ panic attacks all come down to this? Just before lockdown I was prescribed with a course of filic acid as my levels were low... I'm sure I read this to be one of the symptoms? But yeah I'm sure they would of tested me for it if they're all connected.

If it has been mentioned then it will be included - that's good! If it comes out positive you will be sent for a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, and as Cooper says, don't change your diet until after that, to be sure you get an accurate diagnosis.

Once you know what the problem is, and get the right treatment (which means the right diet, if it is coeliac disease) you should start to feel much better. Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for you're help! I will do! 🙂

Hi, my hubby was put on Folic acid tablets for over a year. The GP said they would help his stomach problems. He ended up with extremely low BP and was admitted to hospital, it took 3 weeks In isolation and lots of tests to say he had Coeliac disease and Lymphatic Colitis. I wish we had known about CD as we would have pushed for the tests at the onset of his symptoms. You must make sure your blood is tested for CD. GPs are not very well informed about this disease.

My folic acid course must of only lasted a month or two... then after that I just got taken off them. I'll definitely make sure to ask when I go back for further tests next week! Hope all is okay now!

He is fine now Jonathan, thank you for asking. His only problem is he misses a decent sandwich.

Also he wanted 2 stool samples, which is alot for me. I dont weigh alot and ill either have diahorrea or ill struggle to go twice in a week.

Those samples will be to check for other things than coeliac, so he is obviously covering everything he can think of, which is good!

Difficult to know what advice to give without specific questions from you on what aspects you need info on. Is is coeliac - only a blood test/biopsy can tell you that, so you have gone the right route in going to your doctor. Coeliac doesn't tend to come on so suddenly, and tends to be a gradual and progressive condition (in my understanding/experience). In many ways sounds like it may be more gastric upset/food poisoning issue, but only test results will tell.

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