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Itching with coeliac disease

Having had Diabetes T1 for 64 years and diagnosed CD in 2012 I have now just started with this terrible itching. Anywhere there is elastic, bra, knickers, etc. Sore and even with baby powder to keep everything dry and not hot and sweaty the itching comes and goes all day. I have been under a good deal of stress lately because my husband had a bad stroke in August last year and is now very, very disabled, with virtually no sight, very poor hearing, and the right side of the body totally compromised. So I am looking after him 24/7, had to give up work, singing, etc. Would love to hear whether anyone else suffers from this as well?

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H Evereld I suffer too with terrible itching, especially if I have been "glutened". and Sometimes my scalp is really bad. I wash hair occasionally with special shampoo and that helps a bit. I think getting stressed doesn't help either.


Hi Evereld.

I have never posted in the Gluten free Guerrillas until now as I have a different autoimmune called PBC. I too, avoid gluten as I know how bad it is for people who are autoimmune. Anyways, I happened to stumble across your post somehow and couldn't help but wonder if you had your blood work checked? Not trying to scare you, but just thought I would tell you, itching is very common in the autoimmune I have. (Not sure if all autoimmunes cause itching) I wanted to share an article that states Celiac and Crohns are linked to PBC, diabetes and autoimmune thyroiditis. (10th paragraph)

Here is the article. I hope you feel better and would ask your Doctor to check your blood work if you already haven't :)

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With many thanks, will deal with this next week. Thanks for your help.


I also suffer with itching but usually when I have been glutened. My legs and scalp are the worst and the itching feels like it is under the skin, like a burning itch. If I scratch it I have clusters of bruises the next day. Always seems better if I am hyper strict about the gluten.


sounds like dermatitis herpetiformis ...


Like Allie, my itching is 'inside' just under the skin and is almost impossible to relieve by scratching, so I get really desperate and scratch harder and harder - all to no effect! I've tried anti-histamine and creams given to me by my GP (who doesn't LISTEN and insists on looking for a rash even though I tell him there's no outward sign) but the best thing seems to be as strong a painkiller as I can find and some distracting activity.

I sometimes think intolerable itching would make a good torture!

You have my sympathy - but sorry, no cure!!


".... anywhere there is elastic". Do you think you could have developed an allergy to latex? Tradenames like Elastane, Spandex etc are all components of the garments you mention.


Jacks, thanks for the idea about latex. Yes, suppose it could be another autoimmune irritant. What really annoys me is that no CD nurse is able to offer any help at all - they are supposed to be able to help, but do not, it folks like you who can throw light into dark holes. Many thanks, will investigate.


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