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Blood tests very low


I suffer from a few auto immune issues but have recently wondered if I was coeliac, as my sister is and I have a lot of the symptoms.

Anyway I had a blood tests and the result came back VERY negative. My IgA was 0.3 and IgG 0.1. I know test don't always show a positive but that isn't my question.

With my results being SO low could it indicate something else? They are so far of I'm inclined to believe they don't show coeliac but the doctor took them at face value e.g. you aren't coeliac. I'm wondering if them being so low would/ could be an indicator of something else.

Thank you x

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Results possibly linked to other autoimmune problems? Or some kind of infection?

It is possible to have false negatives to Coeliac tests. I had three false negatives before they found it through biopsy. It was only the persistence of a consultant who was unhappy with the blood results that finally led to the diagnosis. By that time I was already well into many broken bones, osteopinia and multiple auto immune and gastric issues.

Perhaps you could speak to your doctor and arrange a new test in 12 weeks time but you need to load your diet with gluten based products because if you don't the test will not reveal the true facts. Over the years I had 'adjusted' my diet to avoid problem foods without realising... So being told to eat 'normally' didn't reveal the true picture.

Sorry I should have been clearer with my original post (I was trying not to go in too long). I suffer from hypothyroidism, which even after four years I am still struggling you control. The more levothyroxine I take the worse the results come back a few months later. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Alongside this, I have cervical spondylisis and IBS. I honestly don't know how much gluten I consumed in the run up to the test, as I didn't realise I was supposed to eat it for six weeks prior to the test. I doubt that my doctor will pursue it following the negative result. I must be honest that with the mouth ulcers, sore joints, IBS, blurry vision (My eye sight seems to be deteriorating drastically), and the bloating I was sure it would come back positive. However, my doctor is of the opinion that all of those are just fibromyalgia. In her defence, I wasn't even in normal range my results were so low.

Penel in reply to bev70hall

If you feel that going gluten free helps improve your health, perhaps you should just carry on with it?

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