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Cortisone treatment, insomnia and Cortisol

I recently had treatment for bronchitis including 5 days of Cortisone. My usual problems of swollen fingers disappeared with the treatment, which is normal considering my poly-arthritis in my fingers. However the other major problem that I have had for years -insomnia- Strange as it may seem disappeared also. I'm now sleeping better than I have done for many years. I'm now retired, very little stress. As I have Hashimoto's condition (underactive thyroid) I'm taking a T4+T3 each day. Can anyone explain if there is a link between the cortisone treatment and the disappearance of my insomnia. Could it be that the cortisone treatment has corrected/adressed an longstanding adrenal problem?

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Is it possible you have increased histamine levels? I understand that they have some impact on sleep. Cortisone treatment if it’s hydrocortisone is used in allergic reactions where urticaria are noted which is a result of elevated histamine levels.

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Thanks very much for the input, very helpful, indeed although I'm not sure of the type of cortisone I took (evidence thrown away) I can only suppose that there is a link. It's been a while that I thought I had a surreneal deficiency but hadn't yet tested. I now feel sure that this was the case. Also just read your info on the "Hydroxypropyl méthyl cellulose" E464 and realise also that the bread is probably the cause - or one of- the pains in my fingers. As during my break I ate no bread and had no pain then all I can say is that must be one of the major causes. You have just helped me enormously and I thank you for this very useful information.

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