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am I celiac?

hi all...first post in gluten free guerrillas. I have been eating wheat/gluten free since March this year. I was tested for celiac In march also, but they came back negative. though the doctor never told me to eat gluten prior to the the test now isn't guaranteed. I'm going for a gastroscopy soon so hopefully find out soon. Anyway I went to get a food allergy test done at a health centre and it came back as wheat. so I basically follow a gluten free diet now. if I eat anything with wheat at all I get awfully sick.

my question is i am deficient in b12 at the momemt, hair falling out etc. I've explored many routes of what could be the cause but I find myself questioning celiac again. it was my original idea but then thought not. I take b12 injections every other day and I feel a lot better but something is missing. I fasted for 2 days and although I felt hungry I felt well. I just ate for the first time and feel sleepy again.

so can I be celiac even though I am already following a strict gluten free? surely if I was celiac them I would already be feeling better because I am gluten free and have b12 to help my b12 levels. eating always messes me up even if it is 100 gluten free.... any ideas?

sorry for the long post thank you for reading

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Have you had a full thyroid panel done? Its another of the conditions which can give similar symptoms to coeliac and b12d.

The only conclusive way to find out if it gluten alone causing the problems is to be eating it before you have your gastroscopy.

I can understand if you dont want to go back to it as many people dont. Was it only wheat which the allergy test showed? Despite going gf many people unfortunately get additional intolerences myself included. Mine is dairy.

Have you kept a food diary to see if you can isolate a particular foodstuff since you have been gf?

Hopefully your gastro appt will be able to give you some positive answers and a way forward.


hi there .... I've had all the thyroid tests done except t3. I posted the tests up on the thyroid board and apparently they are OK. ... and because of this the doc won't do the t3 test. but I am getting it done privately in a few weeks to will know for sure then. thanks


Eating gluten up to the day of endoscopy is not always the case, I stopped eight weeks prior to endoscopy (2007)and along with bloods was positive. Four years later (2011) and bloods showed reduced folds d2 a Coeliac marker and bloods showing HLA-DQ2 and AGA of 42 after four years avoiding anything from a gluten source. There are four endoscopic markers for a Coeliac, with up to four biopsies taken at time of endoscopy.

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