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celiac test

Well I have been gluten free for over three years now ( or is it more?) must check my posts!

Today I saw an absolutely great doctor in Wrexham Hospital about the continuing pain in my left Kidney, after a very thorough examination, he said I should have a CT scan of my Kidneys , and after the chat suggested I have a blood test for celiac disease. I told him I hadn't had gluten for over three years except by accident, and wasn't going to have any to satisfy a blood test. He then said the new test does not need me to consume gluten for six weeks anymore. The result will be interesting to say the least. As my GP wanted me to eat gluten the other year prior to having a test, but as I had stopped gluten and felt so much better I refused. I used to become hypoglycemic about two hours after being glutened and feel dreadful.

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Ooh interesting! Can you try & get the name of the test? The only thing I can think of is the gene test, but hospitals don't normaly do that one.


I am interested too at what the new test is. I haven't seen any mention of a new way of testing Coeliac :)


I'm curious too! You don't need to be eating gluten to have the gene test; I had it done last year but the consultant told me even that's not necessarily definitive.

IIRC if you test positive for both dq2 & dq7, it's 95% certain you're coeliac. If you're positive for one you might develop it at some point. I suppose the only definitive result is that if you're negative for both you're definitely NOT coeliac.


"Almost certainly" not but not "definitely". My son tested negative for both genes but the doctor said that not all tests are yet available for the public and there might be more genes involved. And more proteins as well that cause the symptoms. And my child is now flaring up with what appears to be dermatitis herpetiformis...


I was quoting what I remember being told at the time - clearly you've been told something different, which just goes to show that with these sort of tests, it all comes down to the consultant's opinion!

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I am pretty sure it wasn't a gene test I am getting as I said I hadn't eaten gluten for a few years and the Doctor reckoned the blood would still have antibodies in it, and the blood test would find them if they were present.


I know there is work being done to find a test that does not require one to go back to eating gluten, which is crazy as it further damages the gut, Would be wonderful if this is now possible. So many refuse to go back to eating gluten as they just can't face feeling so ill again.Has anyone heard about this. ... there also seems to be a test that can be done at the pharmacy that points one to possibly having celiac disease ( was in the celiac magazine, either last summer or autumn edition.


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