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blood test positive, chances of negative biopsy?

Hi everyone,

I dont really have any of the tell tale symptoms of coeliac but my blood test was positive and i am being referred for a biopsy. Does anyone know the odds of this being negative?

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You could be what is called a 'silent' i am. It means you have no outward nor distinguishing symptoms but damage is/has occured. I had positive bloods then biopsy which confirmed significant damage! I knew nothing!

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Thanks, its good to hear from someone who might be similar. I just want to know one way or the other now.


Before diagnosis, my only symptom was bloat. My daughter's only symptom was chronic headaches.

I think its something like 1% of false positives and 3% of false negatives from the blood test. Unless you've avoided normal bread and pasta etc recently you're endoscopy is almost certain to be positive.


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