Glutened again ????

Had polenta cake whilst out with friend Wed, suffered with pain bloating since . It was supposed to be GF , read up about it and it can be contaminated on wheat production line. Any views on this please ????

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  • Years ago I had the same issues so have never had it since. Yes, cross contamination can be a real issue.

  • Some Polenta is made from WHEAT, again you have to read the labels so carefully. I always thought it was made from maize (corn), but have discovered some brands are using wheat. Nothing can be taken as given these days. So sorry that this happened to you. Perhaps whoever made the cake could be told gently about the problem. Polenta bought in Lidl's is made from wheat.

  • I am very careful when I buy shop made items and I got 'gluttened' again only last week having eaten Aldi's orange and almond chocolate. My own fault really, didn't have my glasses on and the term 'thickener' was the last ingredient listed which I didn't see. Crippled me for 24 hours. Why oh why are my guts not made of iron like everyone else in my family :-).

    Never had polenta and not sure I will now. Hey ho.

  • I also experienced this , and at a dinner when my hostess had gone to so much trouble to make everything 'gluten' free. I never told her, but avoided polenta for years, then had some in a restaurant in Edinburgh and it was ok though I was scared stiff. It must be contamination, but how we are to know I am not sure.

    I have started eating only fresh veg, meat etc again and a little gluten free oats, as I have noticed more products reported on 'allergy' site, being withdrawn, but by that time it is TOO LATE . I really cant face feeling ill again.

  • second comment......I didnt know polenta could be made from wheat.... i will carefully note this in future. things are becoming more and more of a minefield !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, cross contamination is a big problem, it's a jungle out there. We just have to listen to our bodies and learn from the occasional mistake. hope you're feeling better now.

  • I've had 'gluten free' polenta cake three times, in different cafes, and each time been ill afterwards. The first couple of times I thought it was a coincidence but now, not so much.

  • There is also the possibility that polenta does not agree with you.

  • Never a truer word . Easing off today . The pain and bloating is the pits

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