Have i been glutened??? again!!!

Hi I went out with friends on friday and had a meal at an harvester restaurant which was called simply chicken and was GF. I didnt experience any bloatedness or stomach cramps etc... but on saturday started feeling a little odd... then the fatigue set in and put me in bed for a couple of days. The tiredness and feeling generally unwell with a terrible taste in my mouth and my tongue feels and tastes weird, aching all over and pains in the middle back area. Whats happening to me any ideas??? Have felt similar to this when glutened but usually had cramps and bowel problems aswell? not sure if i'm blaming gluten when it may not be?? I would be grateful if anyone can shed some light on my symptoms. Fed-up coeliac :((

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  • Did you have salad from the salad bar? I've noticed that they keep the buns on the top above all the salad..it only takes a few crumbs. It could also be a slight contamination issue which can so easily happen when eating out. I tend to take these risks because 9/10 times I'm ok but just every now and again..... I do avoid their salad bar now though

  • Hi Jillp Yes! I did have the salad with my meal didn't notice the buns though? It wont happen again as i'm never eating out again!! its happened every single time i've been out. Not an happy bunny! :((

  • awww what a shame. I know what you mean. Every time I've been glutened while eating out I've felt so poorly I have vowed never to eat out again.. Then I have a good experience and I realise that I just have to be very vigilant and careful.

  • I do think that's a shame. I find that smaller restaurants are better than the big chains for eating in. Whereabouts do you live because if you are anywhere near me than I can let you know of some very safe places to eat. We do have to be vigilant because however well some of these places do in trying to offer us safe food there will always be a risk because only another coeliac or close friend or family member ever totally understand how careful we have to be. It's so much better than it used to be.

  • I live in m46 area of greater manchester and there is no where around here that do gluten free to my knowledge? only if you call jacket potato or plain salad gf food? but whatever you have its never guaranteed gluten free has they use the same utensils etc...for everything. I'm just really fed-up at present people just think i'm a fuss pot when i say no thanks to meals out or parties but look what happens when i grudgingly agree but never again for me. I will eat before i go out in future.

  • Do you know if there's a Carluccio's nearby? They have been brilliant. All the staff (serving and kitchen staff) are very clued-up and they have a standard gf menu, so there's none of that back-and-forth to and from the kitchen explaining things and asking questions. They have all kinds of dishes, as well as a whole pasta menu (the pasta is boiled in fresh water) and quite a good puddings menu. It's just like eating out 'normally'.

  • Do you belong to coeliac Uk? They have a list of venues that are safe and on their facebook page if you just ask then you'll get loads of responses from people who've safely eaten at safe places near you. Download the restaurant card (in English) to use. It sums up our needs really well. I generally give a copy to the waiter and get him to attach it to my order to give to the chef. You get them free from celiactravel.com

  • Hang in there! It is possible to eat out safely and the comment about eating at smaller places is probably sound advice. That said chains like Wagamama have a full manual detailing what can and cannot be eaten from their menu. Limited - but different from jacket potato!

    But my current heros are Las Iguanas who have outlets across the UK including Manchester. Mention gluten free when you go to sit down and you get a complete professional GF menu - makes you feel like royalty for once!


    Anybody had trouble with Starbucks GF sandwiches?

    Costa Coffee need to up their game - you can eat only so many chocolate brownies!

  • TGI Fridays do a complete gluten free and lactose free menu!! wetherspoons indicate what is gf on the menu too just remember to order jacket potato with the meal and not chips :-) if you look on the ingredients of a costa coffee chocolate brownie it will tell you it has wheat flour in it??? very confusing to us celiac's i have tried to get a sensible answer as to whether they are gf but to no avail... i personally will not take the risk!!

  • I have had the costa choc brownie many times with no ill effects (codex wheat probably) They also doa fruit cake slice which tastes quite caramelised. They seemed so proud of themselves to be able to offer a "choice" !

    I had an M&S ham butty yesterday as I left my lunch at home. they have changed their bread and now produce a normal sized sarnie in a triangle box rather than the flat one they used to be in. I got a bit confused and couldn't find them at first.

  • It is always worth speaking to the restaurant before you go and explaining what you need from them. Explaining not just the food requirements but how easily cross contamination can happen. If they can't accommodate you don't just not go let others know too.

  • Did you have chips with it? Big chains tend to buy ready frozen chips a bit like mcaines that they tip in the fryer & they are usually flour coated to stop them sticking together when they freeze them so they are free flow when they get tipped out! Just a thought!

    Debs :)

  • No! I had jacket potato grilled chicken breast and garden peas. Plus I got lettuce tomato sweetcorn and sliced peppers and I had a bottle of cider. The only reason I ate there was because we were going to a show at the Lowry. I did tell them I was Coeliac and needed a gluten free meal so they checked on the special allergy/Intolerance print-out menu which they got from the kitchens to make sure what I was allowed. So you would have thought everything would have been fine? They must have used the same cooking utensils/grill that had been used for food containing gluten? Think all chefs & kitchen staff should be trained up properly and use seperate equipment and areas for us? Its ok saying its a plain chicken breast but if its been cooked in the same pan as the others (maybe marinated ones) that makes it contaminated so it won't be GF. Sorry if i'm on a bit of a rant but i'd had a week off and spent half of it in bed just because i chose to eat out!!

  • Hey Sue, rant away! :)

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