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Glutened..Please help!

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Hi everyone

I have been accidently glutened yesterday I am so ill...This is the worst attack ever 2 day vomit and diarrhea my organs are all swollen and my stomach is so swollen you can nearly see it out my side...Please help I need to get better...any advice greatly appreciated.


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Hi burblb,

Sorry - I know of no miracle cures. The only tried and tested method I know of is to rest up and take plenty of fluids. I believe that some people find drinking peppermint tea to be quite soothing on the stomach.

Accidental glutening is awful - I know from this from first-hand experience. I guess what you're currently going through has to be chalked up to experience and serves as a most unfortunate reminder of the costs of getting it wrong.

I really hope you feel better soon.

R.B. x

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burblb in reply to Regalbirdy

Thank you very much xlx

Oh you poor thing, I feel your pain having been there earlier last year... The only cure is to immediately get back to being fully gluten free. The concern of course is dehydration so if you can manage to keep fluids down then try to drink plenty..

A hot water bottle on your poor swollen tummy may help.

If it goes on for much longer or you aren't able to take fluids then you may need to speak to your doctor..

*gentle hugs...

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burblb in reply to weee

Thanks for your help xlx

I sympathise completely having just had the same experience but luckily for me it didn't last as long as for you. Like you I felt desperate and so ill with violent effects that would not calm down and could not move out of the bathroom because of the pain. It was so good to finally get back into bed only to have to keep getting up. But in the early morning I found a warm bath really helpful. A hot water bottle would have helped as advised by Wee but I couldn't get that together! I hope you get better very soon. I must admit I don't feel very confident about eating outside of home right now in case I get glutened again.

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burblb in reply to urbangirl

I know the feeling I thought eating a salad would have been safe but there was obviously something in it somewhere....Thank you for you help xlx

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Penel in reply to burblb

Possibly the salad dressing?

Kaolin and morphine is my best friend - I take it everywhere with me. It's great for when you get those really bad cramps that feel like your insides are gonna explode. Hope you get better soon.xx

Oh so Sorry you are feeling so ill, but as burbib replied, No miracle cure to get thru this already suggested, all you can do is Rest, and take fluids and just a little GF toast or plain biscuit if you feel like it....Hope you get over this quick....I usually find that I feel grotty for 4 dys but the horrible stuff like being sick etc gradually over the first day or night, slows down and stops.....Take a paracetamol or your usual pain killer, if you have a headache, and it will help with the stomache pains, Take Care....This Im afraid is how it gets us all, sorry to say, We get more sensitive, to Gluten in the smallest amount in our systems.....and have a bigger reaction when Gluten is eaten.......I started with just feeling nauseous, and aches and pains and diaorhea.....but now unfortunately, suffer for hours with Sickness + all the others stuff....... Spent my birthday evening in the loo at the restaurant, (coz Id eaten Gluten before we went out!!!!) everyone else enjoyed the party of them coming to check me every so often x x x Take Care and look after yourself x x

So sorry you are going through this. When I got accidentally glutened last summer not only was the digestive distress awful, I swelled up with 20 lbs of water weight in 3 days. Like others say rest and plenty of liquids. Also, if you can do epsom salt baths. I learned that in that very vulnerable stage I became sensitive to all grains (rice, quinoa, corn anything), all gums (guar, xanthan, etc. - it is in so much, almond milks, coconut milks, sauces, dressings, etc.) and some other random foods. It totally kicked in my IBS to full speed and I just got worse and worse over the next several months. Evidently now I am healing my "leaky gut." Not to scare you, but I am still recovering 8 months later, still have my "gluten rash" on the tops of my thighs and am still on an adjusted diet with no foods that are inflammatory (even gave up my coffee which was tough), adding L-glutamine every morning when I wake up, apple cider vineagar/lemon/water mix throughout the day, 20-minutes before I eat anything, digestive enzymes with anything I eat, lots of fermented foods (have started making my own), water kefir (also making), and sticking with pureed foods on the days it is still bad. I have not eaten out where there is gluten in the kitchen or at anyone's house that eats gluten in 2 months, have made everything I consume from whole, fresh ingredients, only eating grass fed meats that I purchase myself and I am finally turning the corner with these extreme measures.

If your symptoms don't clear up in a week (which is what I had expected), keep a food diary to see if anything you normally eat is causing you ANY amount of distress. Stay away from inflammatory foods, processed foods, and give your body plenty of healing rest!!

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