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Thinking CD or gluten intolerence

Just writing as I am thinking could i have CD or a gluten intolerance. From my previous posts in other boards. I have been ill for a number of years. Only recently through private blood tests i have been told i am iron, b12 and folate deficient. The doctor related to diet, and I have been thinking about it more and more i eat chicken every day and don't live a strict vegan/vegetarian diet.

Only questioning CD or gulten intolerence is because my mum and my brother both have CD just recently dx within the last few weeks, and i read on the coeliac website that iron, folate and B12 def can be a side effect of CD.

My doctor is refusing injections for B12 and is refusing anymore blood tests as i have been classed as depressed and anxious and as a result ended up on antidepressants, which i ended up in hospital with due to horrid side effects.

my symptoms are:



-chronic constipation/Diarrhoea

-lot of wind

-stomach pains

-brain fog


- all anaemias


I know some of these symptoms cross over to my deficiencies, but I am currently fighting these with a very long complaint letter to my GP's.

sorry for such a long post, its just if I have a high risk of CD or gluten intolerance I will have to go privately as my GP has point blank refused to test me for anything else as he says its all in my head. The test will cost me around £140 either through medichecks or blue horizon, i know you can tell me to do it or not just dont waste a lot of money.......


just to add my mum has PA and Chrons and my brother has downs syndrome and an underactive thyroid so I know that CD can come from these dieases, I am trying to rule out PA and underactive thyroid currently

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My own experience of gluten intolerance is a life time of abdominal pain (upper right side - small intestine area)varying in severity. A few years ago I had very bad appendicitis which went undiagnosed for six months. It was apparent that I was very ill but nothing showed up in any tests . To cut a long story short I had major abdominal surgery to correct the problem and looked forward to a good road to recovery. Unfortunately I soon developed intense pain again in the small bowel area. Was given drugs for reflux which just made me sick, have had exhaustive tests and various other drugs over the last 2 1/2 years , have kept food diaries all to know avail . Have repeatedly asked my GP and consultant if this could be coeliac disease but no evidence of this has been found . As a last resort I adopted a gluten-free diet and it's like a switch has been flicked . I can now sleep through the night I have no pain but anything containing the smallest amount of gluten will trigger the problem again . Apart from the foods which you know obviously contain gluten there are many many products you have to be aware of and the worst ones for me are pickles and salad dressings because many will contain spirit vinegar ( made from fermented grains). I can no longer eat chips from the takeaway because they are often fried in the same oil as foods which have a batter or breadcrumbed coating . I am not a doctor so I cannot comment on your symptoms but I would suggest you eat a healthy varied diet and if you I think you may be gluten intolerant just follow a gluten free diet for a couple of months and see if you feel better.


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I suffer from intense pain on the right hand side of my tummy. Starting under the ribs right down to my hip. I tested my theory out yesterday i know it was a short space of time. But i didnt eat gluten all day and felt less bloated etc had it for dinner and my side was in agony. So i shall continue with the gluten free for a while. Thanks


One of the side effects of Celiac is depression and anxiety. Seratonon which is the substance that generates our well being is produced 10 per cent in our brain. The other 90 percent is in our gut. When our gut is damaged it stands to reason there will be anxiety and depression until the natural flora of the gut has healed. Everything that I have read on Celiac disease explains this. Im surprised your Dr. isn't aware. Hope you get these issues resolved soon!

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