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HELP I'm new here

I'm so confused, my father and niece both have wheat intolerances and lactose intolerances and are on a gluten free diet now that has been confirmed. Both suffered from bloating under the ribs to the bikini line so bad they look pregnant, they have had both constipation and bouts of diahrrea as well painful wind before they where diagnosed. Although I'm on mental health and epilepsy tablets I have spoken to my practise nurse and my psychologist and both have spoken/written to my Dr who is totally refusing to do anything even with reviewing my medical records and my family history. Can I have any advice from you all please ?

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Are you experiencing similar symptoms or just want to rule it out just incase? The gp is unlikely to perform tests without first presenting with the gi symptoms , bloating ,sudden weight loss or anaemia. Be persistent is all I can really suggest. It seems peculiar your GP is against ruling it out Via the antibody test if you've presented with any gi or deficiency symptoms. Your other medications wouldn't have a bearing on coeliac and you shouldn't stop them without prior consultation with your Dr or consultant. If your GP is very inflexible you can always ask for a second opinion via seeing a different GP at the surgery. Beyond that , not.sure what to suggest.. Good luck.


im under gynocology and have had urological tests and apart from the onset of early incontinance they have found no dangerous cells etc from a cytoscopy they did. The IBS symptoms are driving me insane, at the moment i am so blocked up i dont even want to eat but in saying that i am leaking bowel ew around the blockage nothing shifts that issue are from having to remove the initial large black blockage by hand when it gets down between the anus and the bowel ( yup totally gross but senna and pesseries in the dose i can have dont work ). they cant give me iron tablets for the low count as i cant go at all and it becomes a hospital job. they darent go further up to do tests as at that time the risk of infection is too risky. yesterday we got the result of the complaint we put in to our practise manager about our doctor and basically all we got told was that they where going to do further investigations into his case management systems etc. we are as of today being treated by another and more senior doctor so we have to go through it all again test wise and having tests i should have done. it is a relief to know it can move forward and knowing i have to have all things updated .


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