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Trust me I'm a doctor

Did anybody watch this programme last night? Hope I get the summary right:

Michael Mosley did an experiment on gluten free/gluten diets on 60 volunteers for 6 weeks. Some of the volunteers were gluten intolerant others had no problems with gluten. Volunteers had to document their symptoms. Gluten was introduced into their diets without them knowing. The results were of statistical significance but there was no significant result in the blood tests. It is worth watching.

Also he reviewed home tests for intolerances which was interesting.

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YES I DID! AND the implant for electronically stopping pain of RA? Other auto immune diseases to follow!

I know light years yet before its over the counter common, but guys, AUTOIMMUNE cornered? Oh wow.





Or you could stop eating fructose, alcohol and insulin spiking foods that impair immunity.

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Interesting stuff about immunity on the programme Concerned. If you didn't see it worth a watch especially about the testing.


@+urban girl

Hi what day, what time & what channel is this program on as I would like to watch it thank you. Carolyne


Was last Thursday (8 Sept) at 8pm BBC2


Not sure that this is helpful. Is it likely to stop the pain?


If we observe the conditions that enable the body to repair itself; the limiting factor is whether the damage has become irreparable. An ounce of prevention...

Where it is joint pain, building the supporting muscles may help too.


I watch these programs and despair of the medical community. They place so much absolute faith in their tests and never seem to give people any credit for explaining that they still feel sick despite a certain test not showing what it's meant to. If people don't conform to the standard test result, they are seen as hypochondriacs. Just because they don't yet have a test for something, they err on the side of condemning someone clearly suffering from making it all up. Sorry for the rant, but this program had a flavour of this with regard to the gluten free trial.

It was interesting that a lot of the non coeliac/ non gluten intolerant? people who had taken part in the gluten free trial decided to continue eating that way because they felt a lot better.


I agree MeTeeCee and there was reference to people who have gluten intolerance possibly being hypochondriacs. How insulting! Also, when people identified symptoms after eating pasta there was a view presented that this could have been because they were familiar with GF pasta taste therefore were aware of the difference. However, I thought the fact the experiment was statistically significant was encouraging but unfortunately no nearer a blood test to confirm a diagnosis. I know that I have never felt better than in the last 3+ years since I stopped eating the stuff!


Finally managed to get to see the program, interesting as usual.

I also felt somewhat annoyed by the 'gluten experiment'. There was no acknowledgement of the recent reports on non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. The idea of having problems with a basic food stuff, like bread, is still viewed with disbelief by too many professionals.

The possibility of using electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve to block inflammation messages was very, very encouraging.


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