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Newbie with test results but no biopsy yet

Hi there

My IgA ttg results came in at 1134 and my IgG ttg at 67. Im off to gps next week (i arranged private tests) to ask to be referred for a biopsy ideally privately as i have health care cover through work.

Should my gp accept these results? I have been investigating my own health for years after being fobbed off as depressed. My ferritin will drop to about 7 if i dont supplement. Same with vit d. My folate is currently 2 after supplementing double the normal dose for 3 months prior. It all looks like celiac but im so tired of being told its all in my head. I just want this test to be the final push to get me referred. Are these tests the correct ones to gauge antibodies and i know above 10 is considered elevated but is over 1000 a screaming indicator of celiac?

Ps My b12 is 343 at present. (These are all results from private hospital paid for by myself)

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I would say so I don't really understand the science of the ttg but my levels were over 3000 and my doctor gave me diagnosis of coeliac but backed it up with a positive biopsy. Now a year later my ttg is still in 100s doctors considering refractory coeliac disease . I've been gluten free for almost a year. I am also on High dose folic Acid. I would imagine the biopsy will defo confirm . I don't think high ttg can be from anything else ?

Good luck keep us updated .


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