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Scary low blood pressure

I'm preparing to take another IgG4 blood test for delayed food allergies. Yesterday I ate a little of many of the foods that are on the list that will be tested then did some shopping. Felt bad so rested in bed. Blood pressure dropped to 71/48 with 108 pulse. Allergic reaction to the foods? My normal pressure is around 120. Known allergic to gluten and more but this low blood pressure from food?

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Blood pressure can drop after eating food (postprandial hypotension), not sure how low would be usual. It is also possible that an allergic reaction can cause low blood pressure, often goes along with other symptoms like a rash. Probably a good idea to talk to your doctor.

Make sure you are well hydrated, good idea to drink water before you eat a meal.


I looked up postprandial hypotension. I feel better about it, now. Thank you.

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But still a good idea to talk to your doctor?


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