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Food intolerance testing

Has had any one had food intolerance testing by blood sample,?

I had 50 foods Lorisian test. It came back negative for all foods tested.

However I'm still struggling to think I don't have some type of food intolerance

I have been having stomach pain, itchy rash on torso and scalp.

I have tried abstaining from wheat for 6 weeks had slight improvement but I am finding it hard to pin point if a food is triggering these symptoms

Anyone had a test negative that they thought was incorrect?

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I had the RAST test that was negative but my itchy scalp, ears and Neck also improved off of gluten. Research leaky gut syndrome. Do you get tired or feel drugged after big starchy meals sometimes?


Hi no I feel ok apart from keep getting bad stomachs and can't relate to if its something I've eaten. Looks like wheat but the test was negative so I'm confused!😞


If you are gluten intolerant or celiac it will not show on an allergy test. Skin problems are often a result of intestinal problems. Im not sure of your age but, if you develop joint problems or neuropathy then you should definitely stop eating wheat.

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yes coz an allergy test only tests for one type of anti-body and even the first coeliac test can be negative because it doesn't test all the possible anti-bodies which can be produced when the body does not cope with gluten


Hi Wendywoo54, it might be worth you checking out NCGS (non coeliac gluten sensitivity) especially if you've had a blood test for CD:

We have members who have NCGS and members who have self diagnosed and anyone who benefits from a gluten free diet is welcome, so you're in good company on here.


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