Rice allergy plus all grains + more

I am allergic to dairy, gluten, eggs, gliaden, soy, bananas, walnuts and shrimp. Also sensitive to some other foods. Today tried rice to start elimination diet. Ear ache, sinus drainage, swollen lips. No more rice for me

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  • Oh no! That must be tough as it seems to be a very popular fall back staple and used in all sorts of flour mixes too :/

  • Did you mix the rice with something?

  • I had a little ground turkey. The elimination diet said the only meat could be turkey, lamb, or fish. I hate fish but bought some cod to try as soon as I get over this experience. Apparently there is no grain/grass I can eat except corn. I'm glad I found this website.

  • Certainly dont envy you! How are you with potatoes?

  • I can eat potatoes with no immediate reaction. However I have degenerative arthritis and potatoes are a nightshade. Plus I don't digest them well and I am pre diabetic. White potatoes raise blood sugar, as does rice. I do eat sweet potatoes some.

  • I wonder why only turkey and lamb meat? If you're looking for maximum nutrition organ meats like liver would be a better choice. Try some fish such as salmon.

    Perhaps have a look at Sarah Ballantyne's PaleoMom site for an alternative approach to an elimination diet, or The Autoimmune Protocol.

    Good luck with sorting out your diet.

  • I was looking at a recommended elimination diet and fish, lamb and turkey are what was recommended as foods that caused the least allergic reactions. I have done a skin allergy prick test twice and an IgG4 test 5 times. Rice scored low but I sure had a reaction. I get reactions to chicken. I hate fish. I do eat bison, pork, and a little beef

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