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Blood Pressure Medication Advice


Hi could anyone advise if they have high blood pressure and how they have been treated.

I am on various meds HRT, iron tablets, Vitamin D, Lansoprazole and steroid nasal spray. I gave tried Amoldipine, Losarten, Felodapine and now Bisoprolol Fumerate 1.25mg. Blood pressure meds make me feel ill, headaches, dizzy/lightheaded feeling, some have contra indications with the kidneys. I have not found one yet that suits, does anyone take any particular brand that doesn't give unpleasant side effects. I am about to abandon my 7th different type so far.

Thanks, any help would be great.

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Hi Christineblue,

Everyone is different, of course, but I have finally found a blood pressure medication that works (I am a coeliac with a dairy protein problem).

It went something like this:

Started on Amlodipine and ankles started swelling.

Then went on Ramipril but started coughing.

Next Losartan which caused stomach problems.

Finally nurse found Diovan capsules that were lactose free etc and worked perfectly. This was then withdrawn from the market and replaced with the generic Valsartan which I am now on and it seems to be fine.

Hope you find one that works for you too.


Katariina in reply to Katariina

One more thing, what time of the day are you taking the blood pressure medication? I remember reading that taking it just before bedtime helps to reduce feelings of dizziness etc.


Hi Katarina, thanks for the advice, forgot I was on Rampiril too causes coughing. I will ask to try valsartan next at my review. I take the meds at night so am not trying to deal with side effects during the day. How do you manage cd, I am trying to go gluten free but seems very difficult and not sure if it would help me as I have had blood test for gluten and doc said cd was unlikely.

Lisahelen in reply to Katariina

Thats interesting. I have also been through a whole host of various bp meds prior to cd diagnosis. Still have issues with other ones i have guinea pigged since too. I am coming to the conclusion that i have a milk protien problem as well! As if cd wasnt enough! I cannot drink lactofree milk without it giving me more/ similar symptoms to pre diagnosis, so im going to ask for a milk allergy test and keep your valsartan tablets in mind. Thanks

Hi Lisahelen, I am trying to find root causes for issues rather than keep taking meds for symptoms but it is proving difficult. Although when you have lots if blood tests and are told they are normal I am finding that the levels all have ranges and sometimes we need to be optimal in the ranges to feel well, this happened with my iron and vitamin d therefore am considering if it is absorption issue. I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis which may go into hypothyroidism eventually. Not easy when dealing with symptoms and you don't know if it's a condition or side effect of meds.

All i can say is my bp dropped from figures like 180/95 to 140/80 after going completely gf. But i still need to get that lower to keep my gp happy. I think a lot of it is gut related and i am now going to see about the milk/ dairy side of it. For me personally i seem to get a bp rise if my body isnt happy in any way, yet i have been under a lot of stress in the past and my bp has been absolutely fine.

I hate taking any drugs, especially bp ones, but sometimes its a needs must principal.

As a side issue they didnt think i was coeliac as i had no normal lightbulb signals, i was going to be written off with ibs. thank goodness the consultant did the extra test- im classified as a silent coeliac now.

I thinks your right Lisahelen, my whole issues began with acid reflux loads of tests later they found Halicobacter Pylori, treated and now negative but I am not convinced that the issues can't be food related or nutrient difficient

I am also under a lot of stress at work which I don't think is helping, my bp is at 169/80 but fluctuates. What is silent Coeliac, what would the symptoms be of this if you don't mind me asking. I have stomach issues, wind, pain if I eat something I shouldn't like fish n chips as I have a healthy diet normally as I do Slimming World.

It could be the fat in the batter( a friend reacts to this), or the batter(flour) or they are using old fat to cook in.

So many things which are possible culprits.

If you pm me your email i will send you a list of all the possibles caused by coeliac. Very many! I had virtually all of them but they havent all gone and i had a b12 deficiency running alongside coeliac which can also give lots of the same symptoms- and certainly not what you would expect from just eating something. I had a private full thyroid test done last year to rule that out as its possible again for similar symptoms and gps seem only to run a basic test. As Katariina says hashis is also a consideration.

Hi Christineblue,

Hashimotos can go hand in hand with Coeliac (I have both) and going gluten free could help bring your thyroid antibodies down. It's worth a try but may take several months to see results. And it may not work for everyone.

I did not find going gluten free as difficult as having to give up dairy.


I'm on 10mg Ramipril only now, taken at bedtime.

i was also taking amlodipine on a morning but have been able to gradually reduce and stop taking that since going gf.

i do remember the coughing bit, but it subsided after a few months.

I'm gf and df

good luck and hope you find something that works for you.

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