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Newly Gluten-Free

Hi everyone, I'm new on this subject. Having suffered with digestive problems for years, as long as I can remember I suppose, I am currently gluten-free and feel very fortunate. I have suffered from discomfort, bloating, nausea and constipation for many years and you begin to think that that's just how you are. I was recently having physio treatment for a knee problem and at one appointment I was feeling so awful I told the physio I had eaten pasta 2 days ago and was feeling like it was still sat in my stomach and just felt generally ill. She asked if I had ever been tested for Coeliac disease and I said I hadn't because I didn't have the diarrhoea that you get with Coeliac. Anyway I did go to my GP and she got me an urgent referral to a specialist, and this just happened to be at a private hospital, but through the NHS. I have had the very best treatment; gastroscopy, gall bladder ultrasound scan, MRI scan, etc and they have found I do have considerable inflammation. I say I am fortunate because my consultant actually has a special interest in food intolerances and I only came to have an appointment at this hospital because the GP felt it was urgent and it was the only hospital we could get an urgent appointment at locally. So, I do not have Coeliac but am on the FODMAP diet; gluten and dairy free and am feeling much better. My friends and family are also very supportive, and as my husband does the cooking I am fortunate with that, too.

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Hi Lin, glad to hear you were sorted out so quickly (eventually). I think a lot of us just put up with digestive problems, not realising that there can be an underlying cause which needs sorting out.

A new way of eating can take time to get used to, it's good that you are starting to feel better already. Thank goodness for the internet where you can find recipes for every eventuality.


our family has embraced GF-- once you get going it's not so hard!


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