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Glucose-fructose Syrup Gluten Free?

is Glucose-fructose Syrup Gluten Free, I have maoam pinballs and maoam stripes that I had been guzzling happily but cannot find them on either coeliac UK's food list or on the glut-ternative site so have quit guzzling them as I am having major issues just now with my digestive system. I cant find anything obviously containing gluten in the ingredients.

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It CAN be gluten free...depends on the source.

What I would suggest to you..now that you have found something you really like..is asking the manufacturer.

The producer should know what source the syrup is derivied from....it can be beet...or potato..(which is fine) or it can be...(oh no!! wheat...).

Some people will also tell you that the syrup is so very refined that it should be harmless....it will depend on your sensitivity levels as to whether it will be ok for you.

Please report back...it may help someone else...



I know several coeliacs/wheat/gluten intolerant people who can't take Maom so it may be that the glucose-fructose syrup in their products is derived from wheat.


Thanks Meanioni, I have emailed them and am awaiting an answer, I had to find where I had put them, I do think they ere causing me issues so it will be interesting to see what they sa.


I have just received the following email about MAOAM sweets, it isnt good news. I must stop eating them, another thing I like that isnt suitable

Dear Mrs m****

Thank you for your email regarding Maoam products manufactured by our sister company in Germany.

They have confirmed that this product is now classed as low gluten in accordance with new EU laws. Please note that the recipe has not changed.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.



Michael Carr

Haribo Customer Care (UK)


I also contacted them about these sweets which were my sons favourite pre diagnosis. I don't let him have th as they told me they cannot guarentee they are gluten free. Shame, they are lovely.


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