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DH: It's all over me like a................rash?

I have been taking Dapsone for around 18 months now, so why, oh why, has this offending rash reared its ugly head again? I'm thinking along the lines of a misdiagnosis, but until proven otherwise I will happily go along with the DH theory. Appointment with a new consultant next Thursday - the old one is just too far for me to get to and involves taking a half day off work for each appointment!

In other news, has anyone comes across the chocolate brownies by Sin? I was in Pod this morning, buying my breakfast (scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, no toast) and my eyes got diverted to the "naughty" shelf, where you find all the good/bad stuff. It contains a medley of different flours (rice, potato, tapioca, maize and buckwheat) and carries the crossed grain symbol. I picked one up and brought it to work with me, polished off my breakfast and then took the little box out of my bag and........ok, we'll pretend I didn't eat a brownie as part of my breakfast this morning (except I just soooo did!), and I'll just point you in the direction of their website:

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Hi Miss C, I also get a rash that goes from my scalp to my groin and even affects my right big toe (I do find this amusing). My Dermatologist says it is not (their opinion) DH but a borderline wheat allergy. This was confirmed by a research doctor to a Professor Iam under. Have you tried Piriton? I was advised that I may take up to six a day. (does help me sleep).

Enjoy your brownies.


Hi Tony, thanks for the response. The rash is actually an auto-immune disease of sorts - a skin biopsy has previously shown IgG and C3 which is not DH, but they went with it due to other symptoms. I have also been GF for around 18 months now, so this damn thing is a mystery, which I hope will get solved soon.

The brownies were gone before I finished the post. ;)


Hi MissC Hope you enjoyed the brownies.

I have not had a biopsy for my rash yet but my elimination diet suggests gluten.