Are there any vitamins to boost immune system by way of an injection by a NHS doctor to help combat the fatigue? My husband suffers from DH

My husband was diagnosed with DH 10 months ago, he has been 100% gluten free & on 25mg of Dapsone +5mg Folic Acid. He is not able to do too much before he becomes exhausted & has to sleep.Are there any vitamins that he could have administered by way of an injection by a NHS doctor to help combat the fatigue that is ruling his life please.He has regular blood tests & the last one was,we believe,1.3, to say that I am very worried would be a total under statement.

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  • Has he been investigated for B12 defficiency?

  • Hi, he's under a dermatologist & when asked she always says that "they" are all ok.Have appointment on 6th Jan so will be more precise with our questions.Will post on here with results of that.Basicly,she really does not know too much about DH,so I am now reading up on it as much as I can so that we can work together. Thankyou.

  • What was 1.3...?

  • Hullo, 1.3 was his white blood cell count,which seems to me to be horribly low.It went right down once before & we both expressed our concerns to the Dermatologist & she said "stop the Dapsone" which was equally scary as my hubby still gets itchy areas,in fact he has had an outbreak of tiny,blisters today as a result, we think of being glutened,so don't think stopping is an option right now.Thanks for your question.

  • What was 1.3? I wonder if your hubby's symptoms are due to anaemia/low ferretin, especially as he is taking dapsone. I'm coeliac and have DH (managing with fascist gf diet). I wasn't able to tolerate dapsone as I was too anaemic. I have unresolved extremely low ferretin levels so am on max iron supplementation. I don't know of any IV vitamin therapies (although if v.anaemic he could have IV iron/transfusion). Is his consultant monitoring him?

  • Hi, as I said above 1.3 was his white blood cell count which is why I am pretty scared & so glad to have found this site.Yes he is being monitored & has an appointment on Feb 6th,we have felt as though the Dermatologist has been rather flippant to date so we are now learning as much as we can in order that my husband can be better & have more energy & we can all work together.I have made a note to ask about his ferratin levels, so thanks for that.

  • Was this done at your GP? How did you find out about the result- from a doctor? And are you absolutely certain it was your husband's total number of white blood cells that was 1.3 x10^9 and not any other 'subdivision' of the white cell count?

  • There is a Chinese tea that may help with the rash. It's quite expensive online but I've been advised it is around 99 pence at Ethnic shops. The tea is called Oolong Tea. I have used it myself for normal eczema. The tea is quite pleasant but you can add a teaspoon of honey if you like sweet drinks. For dermatitis it is usual for 1 litre per day of tea to be drunk. I purchased mine online (which proved very expensive at around £3.99 per packet. It might be best to try a local Chinese or Indian shop to give it a trial. I used one teabag to make my litre of tea.

    I can't currently find the original site where I found the information regarding Oolong tea but I have found another site that you might like to take a look at:

    It is supposed to be noted for its help in aiding weight loss but I was more interested in its healing properties.

  • When you see the dermatologist - ask for his B12, Ferritin, Vitamin D levels to be checked and what else other than the drug he is on can be causing such extreme fatigue. You've posted a follow up post to this one - and as we advised do seek medical advise. Many people feel fatigue on Dapsone or if they have low ferritin / Vitamin D. You can ask your GP for a print out of recent test results - however not all hospital results are feed thru to your GP. So ask the Dermatologist for the exact vitamin / test results. Sometimes if someone is on the low end of a normal scale they can feel awful whereas someone else would feel fine. Anyone with an auto-immune disease that is having continued problems despite treatment should also ask for a referral to see an endochrinologist. They specialise in the immune system and diseases so you may find they are more knowledgeable.

  • I suffer with B12 deficiency and low ferritin (even though my blood count is OK) - and both completely wipe me out - I've learnt to recognise the signs now.

  • I am the same but I have vitB12 injections every 12 weeks. This helps I still get periods of being really tired. When I am getting due for my next injection my symptoms are worst and I also get pins and needles in both hands ( which is another symptom of B12 deficiency)

  • @ Angie22, ditto apart from the pins & needles. I get numbness in one hand, but I think it's not associated with Coeliacs. I sleep anywhere & anytime too.

    I call the B12 injections my 'wake up' shot.

  • yes angie me 2 its so strange how it affects you i was diagnoesd last year but have had the injetions for 2 yrs dont get pins in hands but go tiered a lot x

  • Have any of you with B12 problems also been tested for Pernicious Anemia?

  • Yes FionaGFG, I suffer with pernicious anemia .This was the reason my doctor tested me for CD 18 months ago

  • hi and i have vitamin b12 ijections was on folic acid tabs made me feel a lot better ask your doc x

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