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This is not me!!!

The way this all works is a mystery - I am mostly in control of my life and mostly keep the bad feelings at bay. However, sometimes I get very sensitive to what people say to me and take it very personally. I do know I am at times being unreasonable, I can't help it!

I have a partner and he does not seem to understand though he says he does, but he doesn't. No amount of explanation makes any difference. There isn't any understanding of how I might feel, I should just cope and stop complaining.

Crumbs in the kitchen and I get the explanation 'but you know I didn't mean it '- IT'S STILL THERE. I do not want to scream about it, I am so frustrated re it all.

I am also on thyroxin, not totally sorted on the dose yet, which is probably causing some odd bits too.

Sorry, Just venting some not so nice feelings tonight ................

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We all have times like that, it's hard to be upbeat and cope all the time and certainly your thyroid can make you feel worse. I hope they get it sorted out soon because that will certainly help. Both you and your partner are human, both will make mistakes and life is not just about what we eat. We need time to laugh, to vent, to cry , to scream and to enjoy the fact we are alive and when you feel out of control it's difficult to remember that.


been there, done that. Certainly doesn't make life easy. Still, if you compared the troubles to living alone in a tupperware box to keep safe maybe a few tantrums are a small price. Good luck with the crumb battle - the only way I could solve that was to have a completely gf household, which is impossible for most people.


I think GFG needs a like button to offer support even if you don't have anything specific to say.

Having said that!! Yes we have all been there and done that. Is it age or is it the condition? It is very hard to tease out and the medical profession seemingly will only work on physical symptoms in a mechanistic way. This never seems sufficient.

The biggest challenge is to observe that you are observing yourself doing this and take strength from the fact that your higher self is around and making great efforts to guide you through these day to day difficulties. Battle on.


Hi Tim, If you have suggestions then it is best to offer them to the Health Unlock team by clicking the Feedback button on the right-hand side of the screen. They do welcome feedback from users of all of the sites and if they change things it is on all of the forums and not just one, I believe.

I recently suggested it would be nice for a spell check to be added - as I often click the reply button then realise that I have jumbled up the letters in a word or added the wrong letter to the wrong place .. I know that this isn't a major concern but it could be if someone has advice or information about something specific, I think. :)


Everybody gets good and bad days but at least you are aware of your situation and you know that maybe sometimes you over react. I would suggest yoga, meditation, a walk in the park or countryside. Any of these things will relax you and enable you to think. Remember you can only change your own behaviour, nobody elses.


Hugs Maqh! Big big giant bear hugs!!

You are doing well if you can realise that sometimes you are unreasonable: we ALL are, sometimes! :)

Probably best to 'vent' in a forum like this than at your partner who is possibly struggling with's so hard. I have two close friends who have been gf for much longer than I have been and I 'thought' I understood...until I was diagnosed in January!!! NOW I really understand, now that I have to deal with it on a daily basis... We are all just human and it takes some of us longer than others to fully click.

Stay strong and try to relax when you can (easier said than done, I know). Take care and remember, lots of HUGE supportive hugs! :)


I've been GF for almost 10 years and my dad still offers me ordinary cakes and biscuits.. *sigh* and I still come across caterers who are ignorant of the severity of the condition.. And I still get frustrated and angry at times. But not so much , and not with my dad..

Things will get better, knowledge is power and I'm sure your partner is getting all clued up on the ins and outs of being GF..

Take care..


Me too, been gluten free for 9 mnths and my dad who i don't see all the time because they live in italy will still ask me 'are you not having any toast with breakfast?'when i'm staying there! I just try to calmly say - i don't eat bread remember - he acts like he's forgotten but he knows perfectly well - it's almost a wee test like he thinks i'm doing this gluten free stuff for novelty! I do over think things though so he probably does just forget from time to time. It's just tiring and makes you feel repetitive and boring having to say it over and over. It's not that hard to understand - we don't eat the same things as you!!!



You are suffering from a poorly documented condition THE HUMAN CONDITION --- you sound extremely normal to me. That is why the book about women and men being from different planets came about. People of the same sex and age differ massively< throw in weather/hormones/ lack of sleep/thoughtlessness and pure pig ignorance of some and it is a wonder the human race is still in existence


Oh, its rubbish sometimes innit?! Everyones allowed a rant about hard it can be. :)

I was on the coeliac UK website yesterday and found this link to an online training course. Its meant for the food industry BUT I think it could be a really useful tool for teaching the people we live with about our needs:

It includes teaching about cross contamination and how to understand what we need.

I'm going to take this course soon, but if anyone has done or decides to do so please feedback on if its any good.


Thank you one and all for the supportive comments. I had had a rotten week, glutened myself last week (not purposely, I stick to the diet strictly). Sense of humour restored, it always takes a week for me to feel human again and tends to culminate in a very tearful couple of days. Thanks again x


Maybe this is the most important thing for you and your partner to recognise: that when you become angry/tearful/frustrated/all of the above and it seems more than would be in character for you, it will probably pass in a few days. That's so much easier to cope with than thinking you've lost the plot permanently. And, yes, this is also a note to self. Best of luck.


bless you been there and done that, The cross contamination is the real pain, I remember trying to tell my Hubby, he just looked at me, but I sat him down told him how I felt, and we have got over that problem, I know when I was first Coeliac, it was such a life change, but we get there, this site is such a help, and you can rave. Big Hugs to you.and friends are here.! go well and safe. :)


Hi Maqh, I would go to the joke shop and buy one of those very realistic looking dog poo's. Next time you make a sandwich just leave it on the work surface and when you hear a huge "OMG", laugh out loud and say that's just how I feel about your crumbs. Probably quite a juvenile way of dealing with frustration, but sometimes it takes action rather than words. Good luck, and big big hugs. x


I do wonder though if there is more to it than just getting annoyed with people who don't understand.

I seem to suffer from real bad mood swings. I can be really depressed and in a dark place for days at a time and then just as quickly as it comes on it can lift and I'll be back to normal. It causes problems at home as you can imagine when nobody knows what I'll be like from one day to the next.

I don't feel like this because I have CD - I have come to terms with that and don't have any problem really as I am fairly easy going. But I do suspect there is some chemical thing going on that may be causing it.

I'd be interested to know what other people think ?? or if there is any link between certain foods and mood swings.


My mood swings are sod all to do with cd,or with people not understanding it.Its just me being a miserable old sod at times,seriously though I,ve been told too much caffein,sugar,salt,and god knows what can cause mood swings.Lets face it the rubbish we shove into our bodies has got to have some effect on our brains.And all this sodding rain dont help.


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