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in trouble!

I am having problems relating to a tendon/muscular problem that is worsening by the day. I posted before and got good advice thank you. I cannot take nurofen, naproxen and the stuff to take to soothe your tummy beforehand omeprazolene. I stuck to paracetamol but then that gave me problems too. These problems are gastric and digestive. I just left off taking medication but in the last few days I have got the most dreadful problems - so bad I called the dox and explained the symptoms with the other medications. The response was I was difficult and the surgery were trying to help. I have been given codeine with no relief - I just feel drowsy but cannot sleep - the nights are terrible. Trying to get appointment asap but is there any medication for those of us that are sensitive to medication? I need an anti-inflamatory. I am completely stuck and feel like I am making a fuss.

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Can you use ibuprofen ? What about the gel version ?

Has the problem only happened since you stopped taking meds ?

Have you had a good blood test recently which included iron,b12,folate etc?

When we dont feel well we naturally want to know how to sort it, especially if we cant just go to the medicine cabinet and pop a couple of pills, so i wouldnt worry about how a dr thinks- just see if he can refer you to someone who can help if he cant.


I don't know what your underlying condition or diet is but I would recommend omitting sugar from your diet as this and industrial seed oils can be inflammatory and increase the experience of pain. I have eds amongst other things and when I'm not strict with my diet can have marked generalised joint pain. I follow a low fodmap diet with vitamin B co and other supplements. I also followed Sarah Ballantine's 'the paleo approach' for a time which helped. I've gone from being house bound with my symptoms to being active again and I think this is largely due to diet and working with a functional medicine practitioner. It sounds awful what you're experiencing now and wish you all the luck in getting the help you need.

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Any luck with hot or cold compresses? Massage? Physiotherapy?


I have a few suggestions which do not involve taking medication.

Acupuncture can be brilliant for relieving pain and, in some places, is available on the NHS.

Physio .... you can self-refer on the NHS

Alexander Technique ... this will be private (for me, this was the most beneficial)

With the help of a combination of the three I now manage pain without medication.


Reducing foods that cause high insulin levels is anti-inflammatory, as is bringing omega-6 to omega-3 ratio nearer to 1:1.

Resistance exercise can alleviate some joint and tendon pains.


I agree with Kate37, diet can play a bit part in muscle and joint pain. If you have suffered an injury, then that is different, if however the muscle and tendon has developed pain it is probably through inflammation. Sugar is certainly the most likely culprit, including all processed sugars like glucose, HFGS, maltodextrin, maltitol etc. I would recommend looking at the SCD Diet, which eliminates all processed sugars and complex carbohydrates that are the biggest causes of joint and muscle inflammation (certainly were in my case). I had a frozen shoulder which was bad enough to require a steroid injection. However, two weeks on the SCD Diet and the shoulder improved so much I no longer needed the injection and within 3 months had eliminated 90% of all my joint pain.

I know this doesn't address the immediate need for pain relief, but much better to address the long term problem. Also, as others have suggested, a visit to a physio to get some suitable exercises to keep the muscles active should help improve it in the short term. Good Luck.


Hi urbangirl, well I'm sorry that you're still having issues. Really stating the obvious you want to find out what is causing your muscle tendon issue and treat that. Lots of people suffer with issues from back and neck pain which's often exacerbated by the cold.

For temporary relief I always soak in the bath and add sea salt and this helps. And I'd have thought a massage could help sooth it.

How often you take codeine and when can affect your sleep so some people avoid them at night and if they cause nausea take them just before a meal. And they are more effective if taken at least 6 hours apart.

I'd see a physiotherapist you can see one of these by going to a minor injury unit not (accident and emergency) As they will give you good advice on how to treat it and recover from it. You don't need an appointment just book yourself in at reception.

And good luck and I hope that you feel better soon.


Jerry, Erdfreak, Concerned, Cocoa, Kate37, Lisahelen & Penel

Thank you for your helpful comments. I will answer them together as I had to go to A & E the night before last as I lost the use of my arm and was in excruciating pain. I am typing this with one finger with my left hand!

I am a swimmer and previously played tennis, windsurfed and waterskied. I have rotator cuff problems which have got worse. The pain got so bad on Thursday night that I called 111 and advised to go to A & E. Here I was given morphine, had an X-ray and given codeine to take home. As I am under the specialist orthopaedics who have already performed one procedure (which possibly contributed to this episode) I have to return to them.

I have had physio in the past which has been most helpful but because I am waiting for invasive treatment to rectify the problem in my shoulder it is not an option yet. But I do have exercises to do. I have a sports massage every fortnight, do not eat sugar (sometimes I make something for guests), never eat processed food everything is from scratch. I omitted to mention that I cannot take ibuprofen. This condition is nothing to do with gluten problems but I think my sensitivity to medication might be connected. Since taking the codeine I have thrown up, feel nauseous and have headaches! I am so desperate to stop the pain that I tolerate the side effects. Besides it is difficult to get medical advice in the evening or at weekends for alternative medication; and it will be from a stranger.

I am sorry if I sound grumpy, but I still hurt, not sleeping properly and feel a bit drained. I just wondered if other people had such sensitivity to medication? I don't know whether acupuncture will help for this but it is certainly worth considering and I will enquire.

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Hey urban girl and poor you it sounds like a nightmare to me. Why don't you look at ways of helping your shoulders relax? here's a typical link:

Now if you are not sleeping and your shoulders ache why not try a herbal remedy and you can buy valerian tea bags, valerian root is a natural sedative.

I would also consider taking a vitamin/mineral supplement to ensure that your body is not lacking anything and I hope that you feel better real soon.

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Thanks Jerry - but the pain is so bad because my arm cannot rest properly - its a vicious circle. But I got a better rest last night - might have been the gin! Will check out the link. I have had this problem since 1998, seen endless physios. Usually after physio it improves 100% but I have moved into a different place now. I have never had such disabling pain that I needed blimmin morphine! Thanks also for advice on when to take codeine as I was clock watching for 4 hourly ingestions. But this is not a life threatening condition and temporary; others are far worse off. Besides I can't do any housework!

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So sorry you are still suffering.

Like you, I am intolerant to any medication and that is why I have tried all the various alternatives.

Best wishes and I hope you find a solution.


Thank you Cocoa. Things seem to be improving today but I have to be careful not to use my arm which is very difficult. Have you had any explanation why you are intolerant to medication? And have you had problems explaining this to medics? I just get the impression that they are cynical about my intolerances?


I have no explanation why I am intolerant to medication. I just accept that is the way I am ... my whole body is sensitive with loads of intolerances.

Until recently I was registered with a GP practice that believed in alternative medicine but unfortunately they closed down.

My new GP practice is not sympathetic and is only happy if they can write a prescription for something. I do think we are entitled to have choices, therefore am always prepared for an argument if necessary.

I did have a shoulder problem some time ago and refused injections. For that I had help with my Alexander Technique therapist. I paid for a course of treatment and now I have no problem with it at all. She has given me hints on how to manage because I also have other health issues.

I hope you continue to feel better.


Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better today, Urbangirl. The stomach/ intestinal problems associated with painkillers are well documented, possibly not on the NHS website, although most people probably don't know that they are being damaged by them.

I also have to avoid painkillers as much as possible, but my skeletal / muscular problems have improved enormously since taking up Pilates and using an osteopath from time to time. If acupuncture is an option, it could be worth looking at.

Supplements like Omega 3 and Glucosamine / Chondroitin are often recommended to help in the long term management of muscle/tendon/skeletal problems. Might be worth investigating?

Hope your arm continues to improve and enjoy the rest from housework

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it might be worth investigating different pain relief methods' like patches. My dad has morphine patches for his arthritis that we change weekly.

And a friend has lignocaine (?) patches applied 12 hours on and 12 hours off for terrible back pain.

Hope you get some,relief soon x


I will certainly look these things up and talk to my doctor about this. I gave up the codeine after a while as I kept vomiting and feeling so sick. fortunately I don't need painkillers now but might in the future. Thanks for the advice.


I agree with the other posters who have advised on diet.

After I went gluten free I became sensitive to other foods and chemicals. I have had a totally immobilised arm and shoulder and a frozen shoulder again, not to mention inflamed tendons in the ribs, wrists and ankles. All have cleared up within 7 days of reverting back to the paleo (stone age) diet of meat, fish and green vegetables. The most problematic foods for me were grains, legumes, white potatoes and artificial sweeteners but I believe what we react to is individual.

Wishing you well, C.


Thanks Chlorphyle. Thats tough you had such problems with your arm, shoulder and tendon stuff. How amazing that things cleared up going paleo so quickly! I too have become so sensitive to other foods since going gluten free. I don't believe the things I can't eat. Don't know what the explanation is either. Not sure I could do the paleo diet - have looked it up and it seems a bit limited for my intolerances. Having said that most of my meals are meat/fish and vegetables (no potatoes! or rice) so nearly there! My shoulder is tons better but I have not been able to swim for ages. I have probably ruined it over the years by overuse in sports activities. I am contemplating a gentle swim in the very near future.


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