ideas for taking own food to a wedding please

I am going to a very big wedding and I am a very important guest! But I cannot trust caterers anymore. The last function I went to I managed to get to the buffet first (people must think I am very rude!) before the serving spoons got contaminated, but I saw the assistants using the same spoons for all the dishes despite the fact I had visited the kitchen earlier to advise of my gluten problems. As you all will appreciate I cannot risk being ill and being stuck in the loo and this is going to be a long day! The bride and groom are okay with me bringing my own stuff, but it is difficult to know what to take especially when everyone else is going to be munching for hours on glorious food as the happy couple are foodies. The meal is a big part of this celebration. I saw Jacks took her own stuff to a wedding a few years ago. Any ideas would be so helpful but I can't eat lots of stuff as I have IBS and can't eat GF flour or other products. I feel pretty miserable that I have to do this too as I know how lovely the menu is going to be for everybody else.

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  • Hi urburbangirl, the trouble with caterers is their serving tongs are the tools of their trade and they dish food up automatically especially when they are busy. And I remember someone in a shop that sold gf food proudly showing me a gf item then they picked up something else with the same tongs.

    Now the wedding, what we don't want is you eating rice crackers with your champagne... you could make some mini quiches in ramekin dishes and instead of pastry just fry some diced potato. Popadoms if made traditionally are gf, so are onion bhajis and falafels. Onion bhajis are really easy to make and are made with chickpea flour so should be gentle on your stomach. Then theres all the salad foods and you could use cooked rice with many options and again take small ramekin dishes or the like to keep several small individual dishes. And look at all the sweet dishes you can take like creme brûlée, fruit salads and chocolate mousse and again ramekin dishes are perfect for this.

    We all know how you feel and your feelings are natural and others just don't get how 'we' fear food sometimes. But I reckon as it's such a special day and when you've had a couple of glasses of champers it'll all be alright.

    You enjoy yourself and what better reason to get a new hat...

  • Thanks Jerry! That ramekins idea is brill! As is the creme brûlée and chic mousse! I think I will just make puddings! Unfortunately I don't do chick peas very well but I can do lots of little things in the ramekins. I kept thinking about taking stuff in tupperware which made me feel a bit despondent. BTW I'm not wearing a hat!

  • Hi Urban girl. Looks like you've got your puds sorted thanks to Jerry, so how about a main of smoked salmon (or whatever takes your fancy) Frittata with a GF ceased salad? And then finish the meal off with say cheese and oatcakes. That just leaves a starter missing so if it were me I'd roast half a red pepper filled with feta cheese, sliced garlic, tomatoe and fresh basil. To accompany it I'd use my homemade bread, but if you don't bake then Co-op ciabatta rolls are pretty good and look the part.

    Best of luck


  • SilverDreamMachine what good ideas thank you! It is so strange that in these situations my brain seems to have frozen. I think the wedding breakfast is going to have lots of different dishes to chose from (not a buffet) so a variety of dishes is excellent,

  • Treat yourself to a really pretty tiffin tin (the stacking metal tins Indians have used for their lunches for centuries). I have a lovely one with blue flowers and it makes taking my own food to events look like a delight. You then have four separate dishes for your various courses, and you can either spoon foods out into your plate or eat straight from it with your own cutlery if you want to be completely self sufficient.

    Remember to enjoy the wedding. The food is just the side event.

  • I would make a big beautiful colourful salad with grilled chicken and pumpkin seeds. If you can digest quinoa or buckwheat then boil them one day in advance and add them in when cold. Asparagus or edamame beans are also nice to add in. I'm sure the kitchen can store your food if it's hot or cold. Or even make a simple vegetable soup and have them reheat and place into the same bowl as the rest of the wedding party. There are lots of ideas I could go on :-)


  • Hi Urbangirl,

    To dress the colourful salad that Franjanu suggested even more use Purple Basel, Black Lentils and Edible Flowers and put it in a beautiful bowl. You can eat it with small glutenfree buns (f.i from Schår).

    Everybody will want your salad but it is yours and yours only whoa haha 😉

  • hi there

    having been to weddings and been glutened I can appreciate the problem, however if the reception is at a good hotel they should have an allergy section in their kitchen and they also should be able to serve you a mini buffet on a plate (after asking your preferences of course) my grandson is a chef and he spent months training before the new legislations came in- however I know the problem of cross contamination so you have my sympathy

  • Hello Makzine

    I have been glutened by caterers in the past. I don't think it is necessarily their fault in as much as they follow strict guidelines and are aware of cross contamination etc. However, some of these companies hire youngsters for events who are probably unaware of some of the health aspects. Also other guests are not aware. I am always having to remind my friends not to use their knife they used to butter bread to dip into other food. They sigh and sound exasperated! This wedding is not in a hotel - caterers are being brought in. There is a specific format that the bride and groom have organised. It is a sit down thing with lots of dishes and lots of spoons! The company are reputable but because I am a VIP in this wedding and have to be hospitable I cannot risk anything going wrong as I am away from home for 14 hours! So I am more than a bit nervous. I love the ideas people have suggested especially colourful pretty salads ... it makes me feel better and not having to take a tupperware container is wonderful.

  • I would use bento boxes or tiffin tins

  • Ooh you've heartened me too as catered events can be so difficult....trying to remain healthy and all that. Now I have a further question, what kind of bag/receptacle would you carry all the dishes in, with your high heels, clutch bag or suit? Any suggestions please?

  • Ha! Still trying to work that out Glutenfreemum! But I will be at the venue early as I have to greet the guests so will have a load of other stuff to carry too as I am arriving in ordinary clothes but changing there. But the tiffin tins suggested seem a good idea. Will let you know!

  • Bento boxes or tiffin tins maybe?!

  • Bento boxes fab idea! My big concern is taking chicken as it may grow things in the heat en route etc!

  • Put the bento in a cool bag surrounded by ice packs - good quality ice packs stay frozen for hours. I have organic meat and dairy products delivered weekly with my organic veg box, they are packed in a box with lambs wool and ice packs - the driver puts them in our play house and when I return home at the end of the day, even on a hot day, everything is still cold and the packs are still only part defrosted. Honestly cooked chicken will be fine if you keep it in a cool bag with ice packs!

  • Excellent idea thank you!

  • Thank you...I'm looking forward to hearing the suggestions from the wonderful people who help on this site.

    Enjoy the wedding !

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