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Gluten intolerance symptoms in children?


Both of my sons have recently had quite a few episodes of upset tummies. DS1 is 10 and for the last 2 years or so he has got up after going to bed complaining of an upset stomach quite often ending in him being sick but recovering fairly quickly. This has got less frequent in the last 9 months or so but now DS2 is like it. I cannot find any real link all I can think of is a food intolerance.

I am intolerant to gluten never tested for coeliac as I was told I had to start eating gluten again which was never going to happen as it made me feel so poorly.

Could it be gluten for them too? They are thriving in all other ways, the only other thing is DS2 has 'chicken skin' on the backs of his arms?

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Has a doctor said to stop the eating of wheat for both children?

Hi, I am sorry to hear of your children being so ill, nothing worse for a parent.

I would say to take your children to a Fully Qualified Nutritionist, the reason being is that sadly as Medical Doctors are given very little Nutritional Training they actually do not sadly have a clue about how "Foods" affect us, they just will put anyone nowadays on anything chemical or toxins, which sadly will only I would think have more problems and side effects

Sadly we live in a system where money rules and Pharma have a lot to answer for. I know that from experience. Maybe you could try cutting Wheat/Wholewheat etc including Oats Rye Barley out for up to a month without telling them, and see if a difference is noted. Wishing you well and your children.

Kids growing up may have passing intolerances. Lets hope they grow out of it. Nutritionist may exclude irritants for now, but do try them in a few years time. Can not remember what age alimentary canal hardens and becomes impermeable.

Hi - my 13 year old son has just been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. He has never suffered with vomiting, but often had stomach ache, pains and upset stomach. He has'chicken skin ' too, but not sure if that's linked to Coeliac or not. Might be worth getting them checked out by their GP if you're worried.

"Chicken skin" may perhaps be a form of excema. It's a good idea to talk to your doctor if you are worried. If you think it is a food intolerance, try keeping a food diary to see if you can find possible problem foods.

Hi. One of my sons had similar symptoms. He would have stomach ache that would prevent him him sleeping and would regularly vomit. He also had the same skin condition on his upper arms. He was diagnosed and treated for gastritis which stopped the vomiting but left him with lower abdominal pain. He tested negative for coeliac and inflammatory bowel disease. I started him on a gluten free diet which has helped his stomach aches and skin. I have also started a low fodmap diet which is helping with the pain also and we are waiting to see a specialist paediatric gastroenterologist who specialises in eds. Its worth gaining a medical opinion to make sure there's nothing underlying the symptoms and consider dietary advice from someone who can supervise any diet changes. I hope all goes well.

Exactly what I was just about to say!

Thanks everyone, I am going to take them to the Dr and she what she suggests and take it from there. I have also started a food diary so we can try and pin point any food that may be a trigger. My eldest also used to have cyclical vomiting so I am wondering if this is related to migraines.

The 'chicken skin' could well be eczema as there is a history of that, asthma & hay fever in my family.

If your children are eating gluten as part of their diet keep them on it and get them tested for coeliac disease first, if only to eliminate it. They may be young enough to be diagnosed via a blood test, avoiding the need for an endoscopy.

The skin problem - Keratosis pilaris is considered to be due to lack of omega-3 fatty acids. In the 60s this disappeared when children were routinely given cod liver oil and fortified orange juice.

Thanks jacks, I was thinking about keeping them on gluten so they could be tested. I self diagnosed gluten as my issue stopped eating it, saw the Dr within a week she said I had to start eating it again but I had felt so ill for so long I couldn't face it, I basically hadn't eaten a proper meal even once a day for about 2 months.

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