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I agree with Marz on the B12 tests the NICE guidelines are I believe between 400/600 I can't function unless I'm up in the 900/1000 range, to keep me there I have to have an injection every 2 months, I had to fight for it though, I now have a more enlightened GP thank goodness, My Sister also has now been able to get her levels elevated and we are both feeling well.

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I have had loads of tests just like others on this site, but when I first got sick I just accepted the doctors opinion. I didn't ask for the results because I didn't think this would be important. However, even if the results were in range it would have been very difficult for me to persuade my doctors to investigate further. If I have tests now I ask for the results and check it out. I am so impressed with people on this site who have such valuable helpful knowledge - I found it all so overwhelming and scary at times. Because I feel so well now having been GF for a few years now maybe my results were okay by being in range. The treatment necessary was to cut out gluten.


Sally Pacholok in her book - Could it Be B12 ? - suggests 1000 as an optimal level. You must take into consideration that all blood tests are just a snapshot of the blood at that particular moment. Only 20% of the B12 in the blood tests can be transported to the cells where it is needed. This is why it is so important to have good levels. B12 Deficiency can become a neurological condition if left undiagnosed and under treated.

if you are having symptoms between injections then you could try an oral spray - patched or Jarrow methylcobalamin lozenges that are retained beneath the tongue to avoid stomach/gut issues.

As we age stomach acid reduces - we need good levels of stomach acid to digest proteins and metabolise B12 .....

Never accept normal from your Docs - that is an opinion and NOT a result :-) I had levels of 300 + for years resulting in spinal issues as low B12 can cause issues with the myelin sheath that protects the nerves .....

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hi there - I wonder if anyone knows if B12 results would have been affected by taking a multivitamin supplement? I started taking one a week before the blood tests were done, and I just noticed today it has "300% daily B12" in it. My B12 results came back as 312 (so apparently within normal range) but wonder if the multivit would have masked a lower result?


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