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Do you suffer from memory loss and loss of Concentration even after giving up Gluten

I suffered with fatigue, aches pains and IBS symptoms and also loss of concentration and terrible short term memory whilst eating Gluten, however I have now given up Gluten for quite a while now but the short term memory and concentration can still be an issue, Does it get better? (or is just my age!!) Does anyone else have the same problem?

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You should see your Dr and discuss this. Often Coeliacs are also B12 deficient and this can cause many of the symptoms ref memory loss, aches, fatigue and concentration problems you describe.


I have similar problems and have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid so worth getting bloods done and checked out.


To be honest, I've had a terrible memory for at least 6yrs now, hard to take in info, even tho I've learnt 2 new jobs and had to keep up in training.

I'm self dxd as gluten intolerant or coeliac due to messed up blood tests.

I've been gluten free for around 2 yrs, BUT!!! I have noticed recently I can concentrate a little better and am not forgetting things as much BUT YET AGAIN!!! I have been taking B12 and folic acid every morning for about 3-4 months.

What have others noticed - re their memory??

I do worry though as I'm sure my gran had CD and had alzeimers too ??

She was really thin, no matter what she ate.

I've been filling out more since gluten free.


Thanks for this I have also put on eight since being GF, I have gone froma size 8 to a size 12.


I noticed I feel odd after eating sometimes and think it may be my blood sugar after reading that it's carbs and proteins that keeps it right so it made sense sunday night after eating only veg all day that I felt funny headed and my vision blured more and found myself in bed at 7 and was there for a few hrs feeling terrible when i did make myself get up.

I have to have calenders in all the rooms with appointments etc on them or i forget when it is or the time and this year i haven't had one and I've missed a few things.

it can't be just you're age as I'm only3 months from turning 34 and I've had this problem since my mid 20's.


I get the blood sugar problem and blurred vision too.

Many years ago my eyes went terrible and i was getting flashes too.

The only time I get them now is when I don't eat properly. If i eat biscuits before

bed I'm up in loo all night, get shakey and hunger in night and need milk/cereals.

I have to eat carbs and protein and my metobolic rate goes up the creak if i don't keep my food regular and balanced.

I do identify - it can be awful


If you are experiencing this level of tiredness/forgetfullness it is worth going to your gp and getting tested for B12 deficiency/Pernicious Anaemia. This autoimmune disease can have serious consequences and should be included at full blood test on diagnosis. You need to take responsibility for getting this test if your doctors are not offering the diagosistic screening.


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