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Off to Germany for a few days

Not too sure what is safe to eat though, and as I don't speak German this could be tricky!! I have typed out a translation of the statement that I am unable to eat gluten and printed it so I can show it if necessary but does anyone have any suggestions? It will be hard for me now I am gluten free 'cos eating at the roadside stalls and in the Xmas markets is a delight but I guess I will have to swerve most of that now.

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Hi there, you want one of these:


You can also have it on your phone.

As for road side snacks in some parts of Germany they have vans that sell grated potato and bacon cakes and they sound really nice especially on a cold morning, as long as they are kept gf.

If you google your destination and gluten free you'll get a good idea of where you can go to eat out.

And have a good time.


How kind of you, thank you so much. I have printed the card so will use that and I have searched and found a list of restaurants that do gluten free - brilliant.



Eating gluten-free in Germany is great - been there, done it, and got the T-shirt (along with some very tasty crackers!).

A lot of chemists have a gluten free range. I stayed in Berlin for a week and was very pleasantly surprised at how I was able to cope. Health food stores were just as good in my experience.

However, I didn't eat out in restaurants because my diet is super complicated. My friend and I went self-catering instead.

I think Coeliac UK have a section on translations. I'm not sure but I think it may have been where I got mine from.

Have a great time!


OK so at least I know I can buy stuff from the chemists if all else fails although it is starting to sound as though I shouldn't have too much of a problem eating out - thanks for your advice, must be really hard for you if it isn't just gluten you have problems with?


Hi Loobs39.

I'm a dairy free, soya free, vegetarian Coeliac - so eating out does always prove to be quite a challenge.

Even in this country people can sometimes look at me as though I'm not talking English when trying to order a meal!

I seem to remember that one of the German chemist chains I was in, had all their gluten-free stuff in bright sunshine yellow packaging. The choice was excellent – there was shelves and shelves of it.

Fortunately for me, I went with my Vegan friend - who loves exploring health food shops to find new things she can eat. Berlin even has its own Vegan supermarket, which also happened to be great for my needs.

Which part of Germany are you going to?


Duh - I should have said - I am off to Berlin for 5 days. We try and get away just before Christmas every year and always used to go to Friedrichshafen but sadly Ryanair don't fly there anymore. We also sometimes stay in Austria - there is something magical about the Christmas markets in these countries. Just going there to browse and eat (and maybe drink) and relax. I will definitely visit the chemists for gluten free food / inspiration. I am actually dairy free and soya free but by choice, not necessity (although I had some dairy this weekend and have had 2 days of stomach problems although whether that's because I haven't had any for a while or because I shouldn't have it I don't know?).


We stayed in Alexanderplatz. I seem to remember that Alexanderplatz station's shopping centre elicited some of my gluten-free items.

There was also another big shopping centre nearby which had a health food store in it.

Happy travels!


I work in Germany at least once a month and have never been glutened. Unlike every time I eat out in the UK. They have clean cooking practices so no cross contamination. They generally don't use processed food so if you cooked it at home and it wouldn't have gluten in it neither would theirs. I've just been to a Christmas market and had curry wurst mit pommes as that's all gluten free. I love the sweets, chocolate fruit kebabs, hot nuts etc all great. Most speak English so when I start in German they switch it to English. They cook pure tasty food. Most of the time I don't even have to mention it now as they don't use cheap fillers in the food. You'll have no problem at the market getting food or in restaurants. I only eat out in Germany now.


Wow thank you so much - just what I wanted to hear. I love the Xmas market food and yep, curry wurst mit pommes is superb - I was worried though because in France they dust the frittes with flour to make them brown - obviously not done in Germany? Can't wait - thank you.


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