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I work as a customer services adviser and although I do not share a desk, occasionally another adviser will sit at mine when I am not there as its next to a window! I have now had to ask the Manager to request no-one sits at my desk as I am now very worred about cross contamination. It has got to the point where I use antiseptic wipes on everything!!!

Cross contamination has happened somewhere, thought it was chips, but could be the office as I have come out in another batch of DH and my arms look like I was in a fight!

Now have to wear bandages on both arms as blisters are weepy, sore and VERY itchy!!

Ah well, office life for you I suppose!

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I've given up attepting to work in ordinary environments as surfaces are contaminated enough to make me ill even if I try hard to clean everything. Take some photos of your arms while they are bad and stick them to your desk...speak to your H&S or HR person, your workplace has a duty to work to enable you to stay ar work and be productive.


you need to bring this to other people's attention. I agree that you should speak to your health and safety representative. I assume the other people are eating near to your desk?


You do need to ingest gluten for your DH to flare up. It won't happen because you touched something.....It is more likely to be the chips or something else. I used to wash my hands after making coffee because of the cross contamination from the jars before eating my sandwiches. Other people eating near to you won't cause it either, there are some strange thoughts going around.


Well I do know that you have to ingest gluten for the DH to flare up and it certainly wasn't the chips - they got a clean bill of health! And it won't do any harm for the staff to be made more aware of what they eat near me and stay off my desk I don't want any gluten crumbs near me!


People eating anything near you isn't going to cause a problem? Do you ever eat at another person's house, in a restaurant? Personally, I'd just give my desk a wipe with a cloth and make sure I washed my hands before eating. I have DH just in case you think I'm spouting nonsense.

I would say that if touching a contaminated surface is causing a problem, then it isn't DH flaring up but contact dermatitis which could be happening because of the cleaning products being used on your desk.


Hi Jillp - thanks for your reply. Since my new desk assessment was done, a notice has been put on requesting only me sit at it and as we all clean our own desks every morning or start of shift, I know my desk will be clean. I use a well known brand of cleaning spray to which I am not allergic. I know I have injested gluten somewhere for this latest batch to flare up and as I am neurotic about anything gluten, I don't know where it came from but injest it I did!

As you are a fellow DH sufferer you will understand the need to keep away from anything gluten!


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