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Hi All, I am new here. Wondering if anyone has been able to lose weight??

I have had Hashimotos now for 6 years. Up until this past 1.5 years I had been able to lose weight if I put on a few. Now, over the past year I have gained 7 to 10 pounds and no matter how clean I eat, or my workouts, can I drop a single pound of it. I am on NatureThroyd and last time we checked I was having hyper symptoms, so we lowered dosage. I am on 65mg 2 x day. I have tried Levoxyl, Armour and now NatureThroyd. I have been gluten free for 2 years, eat very little grains..and small meals 5 times a day.

Is it possible, that with Hashi's the metabolism is always going to be compromised even with meds?? That the longer were on it, the worse our metabolism will work.

I lift weights 3 x week, and have tried low intensity workouts to HIIT to try and kick start metabolism. I have checked my adrenals, which were low last time I checked, and Iron which was good. I have descent energy and am sleeping well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shared experiences???

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Hi lovealex

I have no experience of Hashimotos, but have experience of losing weight.

You say you are gluten free, but eat some grains? Have you got rid of all gluten?

Some people on here have lost weight by cutting down on carbs, especially processed carbs and sugar, but have kept fat in their diet. It's a diet that works well for some people. If you need carbs, go for slow release, low GI.

Hopefully you will get a reply from someone who knows about Hashimotos.


Have you been on the Thyroid site on HealthUnlocked?


How do i get to this site??

Reply - this should get you there. Once you've found it you'll be able to go there again from the top of this page where it says "My comunities".


Hi Lovealex,

I've got Hashimoto's Thyroid and am medically gluten intolerant. I couldn't lose the weight I gained from my sluggish thyroid for years despite my TSH levels being optimum on Levothyroxine. I have however lost a fair bit of weight since going gluten-free and I put this down to two things:

As Penel mentioned, cutting carbs down and loosely following the theme of a paleo diet seems to help, especially for Hypothyroid sufferers.

Secondly, because so many of my other hypothyroid symptoms receded after going completely gluten-free, I believe absorption of the T4 meds into the T3 active thyroxine hormone became much more efficient. There are reasons for this which can be found on Dr Chris Kresser's website and I'm sure others on the HealthUnlocked Thyroid forum will be aware of this too.

As Penel mentioned be sure to check you've got rid of ALL gluten sources including cross-contamination, oats and barley.

The only other thing I'd add is we do tend to gain weight as we get older! If you are around the 40-50 age bracket all those hormonal changes wreak havoc on metabolism too and a bit of weight gain is almost inevitable and natural. 7-10lb is not much to worry about. Be healthy and don't let those weighing scales rule your life. ;) Best wishes, Rita


I concur with all that's written above. I have both Hashi and GI. If you are eating any of the GF foods be careful as a lot are high GI and you need to be eating low GI.

I'm not sure if you have heard of the 5-2 Diet? It's when you chose any two days of the week that are not consistently together, say a Monday and a Thursday and on those days if a female you eat only 500 calories and a male 600. Also the point is to fast inbetween. So you could split your calories and have something first thing in the morning and then have nothing all day till the evening when you have the remaining amount of your calories or you could have nothing all day till the evening and have them all in one evening meal. It depends on how you want to do it. Medical research on this shows that not only do you lose weight but it improves the blood tests like glucose and cholesterol etc. it also is good for burning the visceral fat that you can't see but is round your organs and can lead to heart attacks and diabetis.

On all the other 5 days you eat quite normally but of course the healthier the better but it does not necessarily mean you would lose extra weight. In one of the studies they did they split a group of people up and told half of them to eat healthy food on their "normal" days and the other half to eat junk food. Guess what half had the best results not just in terms of weight loss but in blood tests to? Yes you guessed it the junk food group...surprising isn't it.

Michael Mosley's book on the 5-2 Fasting Diet has all this info in it.

My husband has lost a stone and a half and I have lost 9 pounds really easily.


I joined Weight Watchers when I first started feeling unwell, lost 6 kg and started to feel heaps better, even the ulcers disappeared and I ached less.

At the time I didn't know I was a coeliac and just assumed it was the weight loss that was making me feel better, but now looking at the diet changes I made I can see I was eating less bread and pasta.

So from my own experience, if you just eat healthy, fresh meat, vegies and fruit, and cut out the processed foods and so called healthy gluten free cakes and biscuits, which are actually full of sugar and fat, you will lose weight and feel better.

You are what you eat, that's what my mum always said to me, and if you eat rubbish you will feel like rubbish and put on weight.

Be healthy :) and your body will love you back.


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