Autoimmune gastritis

I've been 're-reading the report from my endoscopy and looking up antrum gastritis as the report says I have minor gastritis in antrum,I'm thinking this maybe the same thing and therefore another autoimmune condition. They've taken biopsies to see if it's h.pylori ? But what if it is autoimmune gastritis how can they tell that's what it is for sure and do any of you kind people know what the treatment is.thanks in anticipation of you're help.

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  • I don't know the difference for the types of gastritis - However, my endoscopy showed slight gastritis (and Coeliac) and the Dr gave me PPI's. I was recommended on here not to take them as they can cause more problems than they fix with acid production.

  • Thanks judburke I refused ppi's because of the information on here,I'm following a gluten free diet now too still haven't had a letter from hospital

  • Go over to the Pernicious Anaemia forum, have a read, consider posting there. Autoimmune Gastritis or Atrophic Gastritis is the disease which can eventually end up as Pernicious Anaemia.

  • Thanks aspmama

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