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Symptoms returned :(

It is several years since I saw my GP, I was so bloated and uncomfortable but he did nothing. I took it on myself to go g/f. I have autoimmune illnesses, Psoriasis and P.arthritis and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. A few weeks later my GP did the blood test (too late) so it came back negative. I was losing a little weight and lost some of my tummy. So I have been feeling ok for a few years but now the symptoms are back. Bloating pain wind and constipation, although what I pass is normal. What is wrong with me ??

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Could be IBS? Or/and Bowel sensitivity? It is only a guess ... I had similar symptoms but my motions were all diiferent .. before diagnosis I cut out any food that aggravated me. Tomatoes and spices were the worst ones .. so it maybe somethings you are eating?

I hope you feel a little better soon and find out what the problem is -x-x-x



I have IBS and it sounds very similar to me

I suffer from bloating, stomach pains, infrequent bowel movements and the majority of the time for me, not a normal stool, however that's not to say you need all of these to be classified as having IBS

They gave me all the tests to rule out anything else such as coeliac disease, thyroid problems etc but all came back negative and so have now said I have it

An important note to take however is that even if your coeliac disease comes back negative you may also have some gluten intolerance and interestingly coeliac disease runs in my family so cutting out some gluten based products could help symptoms

Also if you look into a thing called FODMAPS it explains what foods generally upset IBS patients symptoms more

When I used to go to the doctors when I first suffered with the problem at 15 I got no help, finally at 19 I did, it was such a shame I didn't get help earlier on as living with it was such a pain

IBS can come and go, triggered more through stress etc but is also very common

If you haven't already, going to the doctors is very important as suffering with this condition is just awful

I'm currently on antispasmatics for cramp before a meal as eating can bring symptoms on more and take fybregel to help with my bowel movements. Both of which really help with symptoms so at least you know there are some treatments if you end up being diagnosed

I hope this helps and i wish you the best of luck :)

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Try the Fodmap Diet. It sound like IBS. I suffer IBS as well and it helps me heal. When I do it for 3 weeks. And then start to introduce my normal GF diet. Good luck.


Could you have been glutened? Sometimes the symptoms from accidental gluten intake can last weeks.

Do you religiously read labels? Food manufacturers have an annoying habit of changing the ingredients of foods that once were safe.


How much carbohydrate do you eat?


Thank you all for your replies, they have given ideas to think about.x


If you think it isn't diet (mine was undiagnosed coeliac disease) there is currently a patient information advert which has all the symptoms of a gut disorder but is ovarian (if you're female).

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