Thankyou to all who replied to my post, i found it quite moving. My wife is gluten & lactose intolerant and has been for a number of years plus she has big problems with adrenaline. i am now starting to understand how difficult its been for her. I may CD but hopfully i am now more in tune with my wife and myself. Once again thankyou my new friends. x

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  • Not only coping with being GF & Lactose, But there is a side that affects your brain, Making the celiac person very unreasonable, bad moods, bad tempered, stressed, I think my husband is a saint as he seems to put up with this or he know me so well. I do have to tell him everyday how I feel Mentally, as only the slightest things can trigger these moods


  • You can't use that excuse if you've been GF for a few years.

  • If our wife has adrenal problems she might find 'The Adrenal Reset Diet' by Alan Christianson helpful. The diet itself is GF, but there is a great deal more to it. It has transformed my life!

  • Thanks ruthi, i will tell her.

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