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Has anybody here developed an allergy to rice, or cross-sensitivity to it since going GF and eating all that extra rice?

Rice has always been a staple in my diet and now, for the last few years, my consumption of it has probably tripled. I am to be tested for a true allergy but can't until I've been off my antihistamines (for seasonal allergies) for at least 30 days. Doctor has said if it a sensitivity it will not show up on tests & we will need to rely on a detailed food log. We know the probs I'm have are not from gluten--no DH lesions, negative serology, normal biopsy a year ago. Thanks for your answers.

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i only buy the blue packet of tilda rice as it is the only one that actually says glutenfree, i eat it all the time with no problems, i read somewhere that no ones allergic to rice must be a cross contamination thing


hilly2 i saw an allergist today and they said im allergic to rice. So it is possible to be allergic to rice. They did the prick test on me to see what my food allergies were. So where ever you read no ones is allergic to rice is giving you false information. IT IS POSSIBLE SOMEONE CAN BE ALLERGIC TO RICE. IM ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO IS ALLERGIC TO RICE. So stop putting false information in the comments


Hi cejay, I don't think I have an 'allergy' to rice but I have noticed in the last few months that Kallos rice cakes (both thick and thin) don't seem to sit well with me. I intentionally do not have rice every day (far from it) so my consumption isn't that high (I don't eat rice crispies etc). When I bake I use mixes of gluten free flours (coconut, almond, rice, potato etc etc) so that even my baked goods are not 100% rice. I can imagine that eating too much too consistently of any single food item is probably tricky for the body, especially if it is already sensitive to something, ie gluten. Can you tolerate potatoes, corn, quinoa? Could you alternate these or their derivatives where you now use rice? Just a thought. Good luck.



funny u saying that...i only eat boiled rice and i cant eat it any more either.i thought maybe it was just me!!!


Rice allergy does exist.

But as Lexy says the problem may just be overload. I don't eat much rice because of its high GI.


I have limited my rice intake as well. Are you aware that there is discussion about arsenic and rice? Google it. Try soaking it overnight and rinsing well. Brown rice is high in oxylates and phytates as well.

I am currently attempting to go grain free all together -- not easy.

I still have flattened villi after 1.5 yrs GF but my tTG is normal. Dont really know what that means.


Interesting comment here, all grains have a self defence against being eaten in the wild. They call them anti-nutrients as they stop normal absorption of vitamins and minerals into the gut.

Here's a link about Phytic acid and many of the foods that it is found in:

Also all grains have a protein (prolamine) which's indigestible to some:


Me too! Am starting to notice that rice - especially wholegrain rice - makes me feel very 'spaced-out' the next day. I made a risotto again a few days ago with short-grain brown rice (didn't turn out great - was more like a paella), but again I felt awful the next day - very lethargic and spacey. I seem to be able to tolerate white rice (the kind that comes with Indian ready meals) much better. But I also find that popped rice - such as that in rice cakes - causes digestive discomfort - especially if I binge on chocolate rice cakes ;-) Perhaps it is the arsenic thing - I'm starting to think about giving it up altogether as I do seem to feel better when I base dinners around root vegetables like parsnips, swedes, or squashes (because potatoes aren't great for me either).


Hi there, 2 interesting comments here, firstly brown rice contains more anti nutrients than white rice.

Secondly potatoes are part of the nightshade family along with tomatoes which's why some people have issues with them. Here's a link about them which may interest you:


Hi Cejay there is a lot of work in the USA esp with nutritionists and functional medicine practitioners around cross reactivity in coeliacs. The theory is that your immune system is like Rambo in the jungle and has gone trigger happy shooting everything that moves aka what you eat. Even when it isn't gluten. As many coeliacs eat new grains i.e. flaxseed/ or quinoa seeds it stands to reason that a over vigilent immune system may attack new foods by mistake. This is often why coeliacs can feel ill when they try e.g millet, buckwheat, quinoa. Plus if you eat more of naturally GF foods that can also cause problems for an over active immune system. So I'd suggest not eating huge amounts of rice. Instead bring in more vegetables. Do try other GF grains as you may well be fine tolerating these. Vary your diet and see if you feel an improvement.

There is very little reputable research on cross reactivity but as much in the coeliac world is still so knew this may come in time. At the moment it's an interesting theory.


cross reactivity and neural proteins


My daughter was put on rice milk due to milk recent blood tests showing she is allergic to cow milk, soy and nuts-rules out most other forms of milk. However, she started vomiting shortly after a bottle here or there about a week ago. I have been doing a lot of research this week, and ends up that rice milk-rice also-is actually very high-as compared to other foods-in arsenic. Actually, in UK rice milk is not recommended for children under 5 and the U.S. Consumer Report magazine released an overview of several studies from 2012 that also suggested children (under 5) should not consume rice milk. Primarily the risk is due to high concentrations of arsenic versus the large consumption and low body weight. After reading your post, I wonder perhaps if you are small if this could be the source of your problem. Just a thought


My goodness, that sounds like a real problem for your daughter. I've never heard of a baby being recommended rice milk. Have you thought about buying human breast milk for her?


My wife has "wheat dependant exercise induced aniphylaxia".

If she eats wheat and then exercises she goes into full blown aniphylaxia and ends up in a&e.

This suddenly started on the 23rd january 2016.

Since then she has developed an allergy to rye barley and rice flour...all giving her the same reaction after exercise so she now has to eat rice free aswell.

Before january this year she had never been allergic to anything it just came out of nowhere.

She ended up having 12 aniphylaxias in 17 weeks.

Then she developed an allergy to citirzone...the antihystamine that prevents allergies.

She has now been 8 weeks without a reaction so we are hoping she is through the worst and managing her condition


I have just returned home from vacation and have developed almost exercise induced asthma. When I workout a can hardly breath, and have to stop. I am a fitness instructor and workout multiple hours a day. I have never had asthma or anything like this. I wonder if it isn't a allergy to rice, I eat a lot of rice cakes and didn't eat any on vacation but have eaten them since coming home. How soon after your wife east the allergen does she go into A & E?


Hi cejay, i was reading an interesting article the other day so thought you'd be interested. Many debunk the theory about cross-reactivity but until there's proof one way or the other then this theory is as valid as any other research:


About 4 months ago I had to stop eating all rice. I ate some rice from a Chinese restaurant became very bloated. 1 week later I some Japanese sushi rice and became sick to my stomach and bloated again. 2 weeks I ate some Basmati rice w/ curry and became violently ill. I had severe child labor (Yes!) like pain and my stomach swelled up so bad, I look 3 months pregnant! I started to go to the hospital, but I took some motrin 800 and drank Ginger Ale due to nausea instead. The symtoms last until the morning. I did go to the doctors, he was surprised and didn't have an answer. I don't need a doctor to tell me not to eat rice or rice products! Beware some healthy nut and fruit bars have rice flour in them! (I'm talking about bars w/out rice in their title) Hopes this helps someone,


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