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Undiagnosed abdominal pain???

Could someone/anyone please help me? I was diagnosed coeliac at the end of 2012 and have adhered To a strict GF diet ever since. In June this year I started to have pain in my abdomen ( on the left, but towards the middle and quite high, near my ribs). After several visits to the doctor, blood tests and ultra sound scans ( which were clear) I have no answers but still get woken up at around 2-3 each morning. I don't have the pain when I go to bed, it creeps up on me during the night! I try not to but sometimes have to take quite strong pain killers to get back to sleep ( 500/30 paracetamol/codeine). The pain lessens when I get up and after about 11/2 -2 hrs has gone completely until the middle of the following night. As I have said this has been going on for almost six months and is starting to get me down. Any advice, help or comments would be gratefully received. Thanks for reading.

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Hi Sammystock, when i started to read this my first thought was constipation and then you say you're taking codeine and paracetamol.

I have to be careful with codeine as it constipates me and I wake in the night with stomach ache and a head ache.

So this is what I would look into first, you can get codeine phosphate 15mg and you could try taking these with paracetamol but I'd chat to your GP about this and alternatives.


Dear Sammystock, yes, like Jerry says, this sounds like very hard stools in the large bowel. Painkillers, especially codeine, will make this worse. I am going through treatment for this as we write! Talk to your doctor again and mention possibly being impacted. Treatment can take some weeks to clear the backlog. A change in diet can bring this on so may be our issue…fix one thing, start another 😜

P.S. I was just told…no high fibre while on treatment.

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Hi, this is strange, because I have had a pain in the exact area you are talking about, but mine would come on in the daytime, usually around 3pm. It was always gone by morning. I've had it on and off for about two years, but mine ( which definitely was nothing to do with constipation, though I do respect the two previous answers.) Mine started to improve when I began to cut down and almost eliminate dairy products. This was hard for me as bread, (I mean proper bread before I was diagnosed coeliac) was one of my favourite foods, and I also love cheese and dairy products. These have had to be much reduced, but I have to admit that it's made a big difference to me. Just something for you to consider, anyway.


I get a similar pain, it's a sharp, stabbing pain that has recently started radiating through to my back. Mine comes on at random times and definitely not constipation. Seems to be in the pancreas/stomach area. It's very intermittent at the moment so I'm taking a wait and see approach.


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