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My self diagnosis over the last 2 years

An odd bowl of cereal maybe a couple of time a week. Caused my major constipation an pain that was waking me in the night like a nail hammered into my right side 2/3 times a week. Along with feeling drained and exhausted. Not much of a bread eater but loved pasta too. Milk has always been a problem for me since being a child esp full and half fat. This caused my poo to go very tary. The bloating seemed to be caused by eggs and cheese. So I spread this out during the week and seem better since doing this as well as having koko milk. Pretender I think there is something that you said about alcohol causing palpitations as this does seem to happen when I go out for drinks. This is a new one for me but have noticed it recently. I am also keeping my eye on spicy products as I seem to be getting a lead brick feeling across the whole of my middle area whenever I eat anything spicy. My bloods are definatly showing that I am not absorbing iron. Have been ruled out for inflammatory bowel diseases. Only coeliac left on the list of causes now. It does seem that I get in control one minute but then another symptom appears and I have to start the process of finding the cause yet again. My dietician did help with regards to starchy products and have good advice about not reheating foods. Ie potatoes and pasta products and put me on yakult. To help with digestion and the toxic gases that can create in the bowel. I hope this helps any other new people trying to eliminate. I'm still learning and still slightly suffering but have definatly improved since wheat and gluten free. Many thanks for all the experienced helpers on this site xx

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Hi tetloww, I reckon that this is great that you've written your story and here's mine:


If you or anyone else would like their story on a web site for others to read then please contact me. WithoutGluten is 100% funded by me and there's no advertising or fee's it's a support site for coeliac/those who are gluten intolerant full stop.


Hi Jerry, just had a peep at your WithoutGluten blog. Great stuff! Do you, by any chance, have a good recipe for bread without seeds? I'd just like a change now and again!



Hi BerkshireBird, I'll send you a couple of recipes, I'm glad that you asked as I thought there was a plain brown and white bread recipe on there.

I use sesame seeds as they're such a good source of calcium and I love pumpkin seeds. So keep an eye on your GFG message box.


Cheers Jerry! :-)


Coeliac isn't the only option left.. You could just have a gluten intolerance which is a different thing. As a diagnosed coeliac myself, and knowing quite a few others with the disease, we tend to get symptoms pretty soon after eating (a couple of minutes-an hour) rather than later on in the night.. There is a blood test to confirm/suggest coeliac disease before having a conclusive biopsy, this would have shown up when you had your iron test results. Also, if your iron levels are so low, were you prescribed iron tablets? Because iron tablets are know to give people an awfully dodgey tummy (that's why I don't take them!)


Please dont fall into the same trap as many doctors - a gluten intolerance isnt a 'just', many people have gluten sensitivities that cause really awful symptoms such as gluten ataxia - a balance disorder caused by the gluten antibodies attacking the brain, such as peripheral neuropathy caused by damage to the peripheral nervous system. Many doctors think that coeliac is the only serious gluten disease, it isnt! I for one would rather have gut symptoms than brain ones! There is now a specialist department researching gluten diseases in Sheffield as it is becoming recognised that coeliac is only one way that gluten can damage the body.


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