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What could be causing my continued stomach pain?

2 weeeks ago I thought I had a stomach bug as I developed a burning, almost cramping pain just under my rib cage. After a week I went to the GP. I have IBS and Father, Brother and one of my Sons had coeliac disease. I have had the blood test (last one 18 months ago) which was negative. GP thought it was acid and put me on Ranitidine. Pain eased after 3 days, but came back a few days later. I went gf in case and it is possible that the symptoms are matching when I have/hadn't had gluten... GP thinks I'm neurotic though and said I couldn't have another blood test! Any advice on what could be going on?

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Hi Annie, it really could be all sorts of things yet I'd say the only way to rule some of them out is to go back to your gp. I am also a frequent visitor and dread having to pop back and forwards yet if you're not right you need to get checked out. Esp as we all know that anything nasty is always best caught early.

Personally I find Drs like stats. So keep a diary eg on your mobile of what you are eating/ doing when you feel the pain. So you can compare with times that you don't. Even score the pain out of ten. What makes it worse? When does it seem to happen most. It could be IBS, Coeliac, acid, a bug, a stomach ulcer, an intolerance to certain foods. Yet only the Dr can really help you investigate and rule certain things out. Do bear in mind that coeliac can show up in bloods or endos later on in life. It's worth asking your gp to check via a blood test: B12, iron, ferritin , tsh (thyroid) and the ttg and enzyme test for CD. You could even ask for the IGg (I will check this when I'm back in) as some people have false negatives. With your family history it might be best to consider a biopsy endo in future. Yet do the small steps first.

Feel free to see if anyone here has the same symptoms and do see if the medicine the Dr gave you makes any difference. My mum had similar symptoms and only discovered she had pernicious anemia and odd gut hormones as I pushed her gastro dr to check further and rule out CD via biopsy.

Good luck. Keep us updated.


Thanks Fiona. After Dad died myself and my brother both had a blood test and a biopsy - his was positive mine negative for CD. That was 5 years ago. 18 months ago I just had the blood test. The tablets helped for 3 days then the pain came back with a vengance. I've only just thought that I did have some gluten around then... and some last night by accident and I am in agony this morning :-( I've booked to go back and see a different GP, one I've got on well with for other things.

My stance is that if one has a family history of a certain illness (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc) then people are advised to have regular check ups. I don't think I'm being neurotic to have an annual blood test seeing as Dad developed CD in his 50s/60s, and my brother in his late 30s!


Very true Annie. Do report back. It may help inspire some other members who haven't been diagnosed to see their Doctor as well.


Went back to see a different GP at my surgery last week. He was more aware of coeliac and suggested before I did that I should have a blood test. He actually thinks that I am non-coeliac gluten intolerant - he described it as being a bit like the autistic sprectrum in that with such a strong family history of coeliac it was obvious that our family had a genetic issue and it could "come out" in any number of ways. Interesting, having read Dr Ford's piece today on nerve damage, it is interesting that 2 of my children are autistic and on a gf diet because of how that affects them..

Anyway he said I needed a blood test but he also suggested I keep a prescription of Ranitidine on hand to take.

The worst thing of course is now having to eat gluten!


Hi Annie - I had really bad food poisoning once (got it all the time before gave up gluten) and had trouble with my gall bladder following that . Got gasp-making pain directly under rib if ate anything with fat in it. It eventually went away - is it related to eating?

I am now completely gluten-free (did eat pappadum once, turned out it had wheat in it bed-ridden for four days) and won't do the gluten assault as cant bear the idea of being so ill for so long.


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