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Coeliac testing


Just wonder if any one can advise me.

I've recently had outpatient tests for Sjögren's syndrome due to atrophy of salivary glands after repeated infections. Those tests came back negative but they also took a lot of blood and Tests for lots of things I have never heard of with letters and numbers. One of the tests was for coeliac which surprised me as I don't have gut problems except occasional reflux, but the Dr. Explained about "silent" coeliac and some of the symptoms matched mine so I thought okay let's see what comes up. So I've just had the letter from the hospital which says "coeliac serology negative" but then the letter says I am IgA deficient and when I looked that up it says it can give a false negative result for coeliac disease. So how do I know if the "coeliac serology" was just the IgA test or if they did other tests which would rule out coeliac despite the low IgA? Would they send the exact test results to my gp? Is there any way of having tests done privately without it costing a fortune? I just want to know really as I don't want to cut out gluten if not necessary as it seems like it would be such an upheaval, but also don't want to carry on eating it if it's doing silent damage. Sorry for long post, hope you knowledgeable people can shed some light!

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Hopefully your doctor will have the results and be able to explain them to you.

Giving up gluten can be an upheaval, but if you already cook from scratch it shouldn't take too long to get the hang of it.


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Hi bananacake,

I was a little surprised when my doctor tested me for Coeliac disease. I was even more surprised when the result came back positive...!

Best of luck when you see your GP.


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