Where can I get coeliac gene testing?

Hi, does anyone know where I can get tested for the coeliac gene/s, preferably as cheaply as possible? I'm in Scotland so it would probably have to be done by post.

I am also thinking of having an AGA-IgG test done - anyone got any suggestions where I could have that done cheaply and reliably?

I don't want batteries of tests, just these two (three really!), so I don't want to pay for anything I'm not using, if possible. Many thanks!

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  • I am having the serology test done this Thursday. Blood taken at GP's. I had asked about the HLA DQ2 and HLA DQ8 but this is done at the hospital. One may lead to the other. I had told my GP about my daughter having coeliac and was told that he was happy to have this done.

  • Hi Oldsoldier. Are you having gene testing done by the NHS? I was led to believe I wouldn't be able to have this, hence me thinking about having it done privately.

  • The blood test is being done on the NHS. This first step is to see if I have the antibodies. The GP said it was inexpensive and due to the link with my daughter he had no problem getting the test done.

  • I know this link is from the US but I believe the process is very similar to here in UK.


  • The process does seem to be more of a case that IF you have an inheritable link ie. dermatitis herpetiformis or type 1 diabetes or other autoimmune condition with a first degree relative. This could mean doing some family research.

  • A further link that may help.


  • Many thanks, Oldsoldier, for all the links. I have actually had the blood tests, but I have partial IgA deficiency so I wasn't given the correct tests. I have been trying to obtain the IgG version instead, but the lab is proving recalcitrant and keeps 'losing' my results.

    I was actually more interested in the gene testing. Has your doctor said they would do this for you on the NHS? I was led to believe that the NHS didn't offer it.

  • Thanks Chancery. You seem to be ahead of where I am. I will let you know how this pans out. Stay safe

  • Hi there, here's a link:


    I'm sure that many members will be interested in how you get on with this so please do let us know.

  • Hi Jerry. I've had a look on Regenerus - twice! - and I can't make head nor tail of it. I can see 'arrays' but they seem to test for whole groups of things and I really just wanted this test alone. I may have to give in and write to them to ask!

  • Have a look at Micki Roses website purehealth & see if those tests are on there & you can order them via her or she can advise you accordingly. Good luck

  • Thanks, Lizzy, she does seem to do the gene test, but it's going to the US so is (very) pricey at £234. I was hoping to find someone in the UK who might do it for less. However, I'm wondering now if my information is wrong about the NHS not doing it. Although I could be up against it having to be ordered by a consultant. That could be tricky, to put it mildly...

  • I don't know where you can get the test but just wanted to emphasise that you must have been eating gluten 3 times a day for 6 weeks prior to any test or you may get a negative . Why can't your GP do the test for you ?

  • Hi Motherelle. My doc could probably do an AGA-IgG test, but I have serious reservations about being able to talk him into it, since I've already had standard testing and that was found negative. As for gene testing, I was led to believe that the NHS doesn't do that. Do you know otherwise? If so, I'd be ridiculously grateful for any info you have on how to go about it.

  • You can have the genes but not have coeliac disease, it's used in a research context when they're trying to determine something like the concentration of HLA's affected by coeliac disease and other autoimmune disorders. I have had the gene test done but it was part of a larger study of genetic testing.

  • Hi Jacks. Yeah, I know the gene test only proves the likelihood of having the illness; it's not proof of having it. My interest in it is because I have neurological symptoms that I think are gluten related. If I knew I didn't have the gene I'd feel less inclined to fight fifty doctors for tests and waste a lot of time, effort and NHS money. If I did have it, however, then I think the fight would be worth having!

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