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Gluten free in Palestine / Israel?

Has anyone out there any tips on how to maintain a strictly gluten free diet in Israel? I will be in a tour group and have alerted the organisation that I am travelling with that I have CD. We will be staying in mostly Palestinian run hotels eating breakfast and dinner there, but will have to fend for ourselves at lunchtime. Any helpful ideas anyone?

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Hi there,

You definitely want to print off the card Mary has posted or keep a copy on your phone as it is a card in Hebrew stating your needs.

If you google gluten free Israel you will find lots of advice on cafe's and restaurants and here's an example:

My favourite food company is Eskal and they are based in Israel and here's a link to their products:

I love their gluten free chocolate wafers!

And here's a link to the Israeli coeliac association:

And have a great time.


Thank you for the card, Mary and for the links, Jerry. That's really helpful.


Print off an Arabic one also in case lunch is at a Palestine restaurant.

Choose the rice dish but avoid cooscoos and farina as they are made from wheat.


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