ibs and weak sphincter muscle

i have had i.b.s for about 10 years and i had i disc removed in my lower spin for slipped disc and was told to watch for numbness at my back passage which i started to suffer from now i have a weak sphincter muscle and it is sore trying to empty bowels i know i need but muscle either over active or doesnt work and when it does i have leakage from my back passage i had a test to test for strength in this and i am awaiting a dymatic ultra sound scan of the muscle and my diet has changed dramatacially and i cant go out some days in case i need to go to loo it is affecting my relationship and i dont have a social life also i have a thrombosed haematomia in back passage which i was admitted to hospital with and was giving medications through a i.v line and i am constantally in discomfort

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  • Thanks Katluck. Sorry to hear about your problems we hope that you have good health professionals who are supporting you well.

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  • I'm sorry that you suffer so, Katluck. I've had IBS for about 30 years. I've also had two rectal sugeries in the past 2 years. Now it would appear they suspect I have Colitis. My control is not always ideal either. One thing that has helped is Kegel Exercises. My doctor taught me to use the principal and apply it to my anus and rectal muscles. It has helped to improve my control. It might be worth a try. Best wishes for success, from one sufferer to another.

  • yeah i have heard of colitis and some1 told me it can be ulceritiv colitis i feel full quick after few mouthfuls of food and constant acid and pulsing in stomach and ribe area my gran had gall bladder problems and had big operation and then had colon ,stomach cancer sadly passed away soon after and i.b.s runs in my family my son ,daughter,2 sisters and dad all have it there must be a gene that causes it but i have noticed that my body is intolerant to certain foods and i have tried gluten free but they are made with veg oil that disagrees with me i will keep on at doctor to get this checked out and make sure they are doing the right tests i am waiting for a dynamic ultrasound scan of my bowels and muscle etc

  • Katluck - have you ever been tested for coeliac disease? Often it is mis-diagnosed as IBS. Given your family history it is worth asking your Dr about a test for that and asking them to explain what other steps can be taken to improve your health including the exercises that Liana mentions. Good luck with the scans - just remember that these matters can take time to be resolved but they will improve. Once you're being tested it means that the Drs will be closer to identifying the problem and also the solutions.

  • yeah i am awaiting for the exercises but i am so uncomfortable with my ribs and cant sit forward or wear anything tight round my waste and i am not constapated bowel is not not working

  • i started my pelvic floor exercises at physio on friday and got examination she said my muscles are really weak and graded them 1 and 0 they should be between 0 for weakest and 5 for strongest and i have to do 5 each time 5 times a day 7 days a week and go back in 6 wks for a review

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