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Sub-Lingual B12 and Vit D

Following the reports of better results with sub-lingual medicines....I want to source some...any ideas??

Many thanks

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Hi Apricot there are a variety you can buy online as to whether they are truly effective the jury is out on these. You could ask for more details on the Pernicious Anaemia Group here on HealthUnlocked, pasoc.healthunlocked.com/

Have you been diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia or are you looking to supplement because you believe you are low in B12? Although B12 is very hard to overdose on as you excrete it through your urine daily it's always worth discussing any supplementation with a Dr.


I have been on sub lingual now for over 6 months. My b12 level is terrific now and no painful injections.


Have not been diagnosed with Pernicious anaemia...an Coeliac and diabetic Type 2. Do have Vit D levels that are very low. (single figures)...even after 2 weeks in Caribbean...

What I have found..is that having Victoza by injection...gives far more stable blood sugars than the Metformin.

Now I want to take this a stage further...see if I can get similar results with medication that enters blood stream other than through gut. I know I am not a good little Coeliac..but cant wait for my gut to heal....

I am tired to bones, stressed to silly levels (family stuff), working too much...no time for myself etc. Medics are not supportive...so what ever I do...its down to me...

Its worth the experiment..

Any better ideas?? Answers on a postcard, with cheques for £100...(my holiday fund)




If your VitD levels are that low what is your GP doing about them? Mine were 15 at diagnosis (severely deficient) and I felt like shite, ached all over and could hardly walk up the stairs. Are you aware that VitD in single figures (!) puts you at a greater risk of MS, bone problems, Thyroid Problems etc? There is no way you should be muddling on with that untreated. Your GP should be arranging for you to have a series of VitD injections (which are painless in the bum - unlike the B12 ones which can sometimes sting). Low VitD will also be effecting your Diabetes as it's the only vitamin that acts like a hormone in the body and is used for your endochrine system to function correctly.

You need to see your GP and ask for a proper check up:

- ferritin

- iron

- VitD

- calcium

- folate

- B12

- Intrinsic Factor (to determine if you have Pernicious Anaemia)

- Thyroid tests

- Blood sugar level tests

- Liver function tests

I'd strongly recommend you do this this week. Looking on the net for sub-linguals is a distraction. They have their place but only once you truly know what your levels are and have checked the above out with your Dr.






At last a lady speaking sense...can we talk in private, please...

I havent been inactive in trying to sort myself out...


Feel free to message me Apricot - but as I'm sure you know we're not medics on this site. We're just frustrated patients who can share our own experiences ; )


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