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Esophageal stricture

Hi all,

I'm about to have a gastroscopy to determine what has caused the narrowing of my oesophagus. Apparently, this can be caused by acid reflux. Has anyone else, with coeliac disease, found they had this problem? My voice is affected, too; it breaks when I am speaking or singing.

Thanks for any help with this...I'd like to know is it is coeliac related before the doctor puts me on something I don't need.

My thyroid tests came back 'normal' but I'm still unsure if that tells the whole story...we have hereditary history of Under-active thyroid in the family...doc hasn't even asked my history.

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I have reflux and also had a thickened band in my oesophagus. The gastroenterologists stretched the band whilst I was under the anaesthetic and I am on long term Nexium for the reflux. The Nexium makes a huge difference to my comfort levels. The band has thickened up again though as I still struggle with swallowing.

No idea if any of it is related to coeliac issues. I also have other autoimmune issues which may also be playing a part in the picture.


Thank you Tassie, it's a help to know this can be treated. Can you just confirm...was this a local anaesthetic, or a general?


I had a general aneasthetic but many people have them done under sedation. I prefer to be knocked out and not know anything about it. The sedation tends not to work with me anyway.


I wondered if this is all related to Coeliac Disease, as this causes reflux. My glands are often swollen, too. Not just neck, but underarms, too. Doc won't do more till this test is done first.

Feeling sore :(


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