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A few months ago I posted the question below and received some advice from Penel, Janie and Sassyl I went on a low carb diet hoping to reduce my weight and impaired glucose and cholesterol. I had the results of blood tests yesterday. last May my glucose was 6.4 - today it is 5.5. I am now in a normal range for blood sugar and so is my cholesterol.

I have not lost much weight on the low carb diet - approx 5lbs in a few months but since last July I have lost approx 16lbs total. This weight loss has probably contributed to the lower levels of cholesterol and glucose. I am so glad I did not take the medication and took advice from here! Thank you!

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  • good on you, you have inspired me!

  • Well done dear, this is great news! :)

  • Good to hear your news. Pleased to have been of some help.

  • Congrats! So good for you to come back and share these results with us! :)

  • Thank you Karen77, Penel, Fordie777, devanjade ... it is so good to have got the cholesterol and glucose down. Whatsmore I had random glucose and cholesterol testing and I had Hba1c testing for the glucose which tests over a period of time. I honestly thought if the results were going to be lower they would have been marginal say 6.0 or 6.1 but to be down in normal range was such a surprise. I thought that once you had impaired glucose it was impossible to get off that.

    I am disappointed I have not lost more weight on the low carb diet, but clearly it is better for me and I have got used to it, so will stick with it now. Besides I don't want to be considered glucose impaired again. I was very despondent at the time and thought I was destined for type 2 diabetes, or would be monitored for pre-diabetes. So the advice I got was so helpful. I don't understand the slow weight loss especially as I was re-tested for thyroid (TSH) and that seems okay.

  • As Karen said, thank you for letting us know the results. Losing weight can be such a difficult thing to do, and it's very interesting to know that you achieved such good test results without a big loss in weight. My husband also improved his test results without much weight loss, much to my surprise too. I have been accusing him of secret eating!

    Perhaps this means that a "healthy " weight may be quite a wide range?

    I shall continue to spend far to much time on the internet looking for


  • Indeed Penel - maybe a healthy weight needs redefining? But I am overweight and need to lose it and it is frustrating that I don't lose it quickly. I also think it is interesting that I have been eating cheese, meat and occasionally cream and butter and my cholesterol has gone down too. I also eat some vegetables, very little fruit and probably need to keep an eye on my vitamin C intake. I remember someone on this site who ate low carb said their doctor seemed amazed at their cholesterol results. If you discover anything do let us know!

  • The cholesterol thing is interesting! We've been told for such a long time that eating fat is bad for us, when in fact it turns out that it's the refined carbs and sugar.

    Good luck with the weight loss, losing slowly is apparently the best way to do it.

  • I came across an old post by Poing giving advice to someone who was having difficulty losing weight, and I wondered if you had seen it? The problem was with salicylate.

  • Thanks for this Penel. I had a look at the website and the instructions are quite rigid. Some of the advice would be very difficult to follow for me, eg keep away from traffic which is difficult as I live in a city; and also from swimming pools (my main form of exercise). I don't know if any modification would work. Sounds a good idea but seems to need a strong commitment to make it work.

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